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"I don’t know what happened out here, miss, but you can trust me. I was a priest in my other life."
"Your other life? And what do you do in this life?"

- Slavut and Lidra(src)

Slavut was a priest-turned bandit.


At some point Slavut was a priest. However, he abandoned the priesthood, and came to lead a group of people within Aranoch, whose village had been overtaken by the desert. They searched for a new place to settle, or a weak village that they could seize. While scouting, came across Lidra at a destroyed wagon. He told her that he was once a priest, that he had slain a man who killed his son. Such an act was frowned on by the priesthood. She could tell he was lying about his son, but told him that she was after a man who had destroyed the wagon. Slavut was dubious as to her story, and unmoved by her pleas for his aid. All he could tell her was that his camp was due east, about half a day's walk away.

Slavut turned his back to her, and was rewarded with a knife through his lung. He fell into the sand, dying quickly.[1]