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Skull of Raylend

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 was a Legendary Crafting Material in Diablo III. It requires a Character Level of 1 to use, is account bound, and may be stacked up to 1000 times. It was required for the crafting of The Helm of Rule legendary helm. As of patch 2.0.6., it no longer drops, and existing Skulls may be sold for 50,000 gold each.

The item had a chance to drop off the unique Colossal Golgors:

  • Bholen (The Keep Depths Level 2)

"Legend claims that colossal golgors were drawn to the magic contained in the late General Raylend's skull, and that his skull is needed to reactivate the power of the Helm of Rule. Contrary to even his own beliefs, the magic resided within Raylend himself, not in his helmet. Obviously, we now know that this is simply a fanciful tale, as colossal golgors do not actually exist." — Abd al-Hazir

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