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The Skovos Isles (a.k.a. Amazon Islands)[1] are a group of islands located in the Twin Seas. They consist of four main islands: Philios, Skovos, Lycander, Skartara, and are the home of the Askari.[2]


Skovos Artwork-small


Skovos is the main island of the chain, while Philios, Lycander, and Skartara are outlying islands.[3]

The isles possess a dense rain-forest environment[4] that teems with life.[5] It is in the forest canopy in which the Askari have constructed their cities.[4] The canopy is so dense that little light reaches the ground.[6] Hunting through the forests' undergrowth is fraught with many obstacles; confining overgrowth and fierce indigenous animals conspire to make combat difficult, if not impossible,[7] though the Amazons have adapted to their forest home in this regard.[6] Some of the native flora is toxic.[7]

For the most part, the islands possess an ever-balmy climate, and winter never seems to arrive.[8]

A number of wars were fought in Skovos in ages past.[9] They have their own trading language.[10]

Known Locations[]

Skovos Ships

A Skovos port


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Details of Skovos

  • The Bloodstone Tomb refers to the "plains" of the South Seas/homeland of the Amazon, seemingly contradicting the assertion of the islands being dominated by jungle.

Cut Location[]

"Oh man - I LOVE Skovos. There is this amazing piece of art from Peter Lee that used to sit in the hallway when you first came into the Diablo 3 team area. Yes - we were absolutely thinking of going to Skovos."

Skovos was originally intended to appear in Diablo III, but was cut as it didn't seem to fit in.[11] Another issue is that the visuals of Skovos were reminiscent of Titan Quest. At the time the developers were deciding whether to cut Skovos or not, Titan Quest was the most recent isometric ARPG. Visually, it felt too similar, and it was felt that there were better opportunities elsewhere (in terms of location). However, Wyatt Cheng has expressed hopes that the franchise will revisit Skovos one day.[12]

It was revealed during the 2008 BlizzCon's Lore & Art Panel for Diablo III that Skovos would not be accessible to the player during the events of the game, but was internally fleshed out so it could be referenced by the characters in the game world.[13] The isles receive mention in Act V, as Tyrael and Lorath Nahr discuss that a Horadrim expedition sent to the isles has not returned.


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