A Skeletal Summoner

Skeletal Summoners (aka Tomb Guardians) are undead monsters found in the first act of Diablo III.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Tomb guardian.png

Skeletal Summoners Shaman usually spawn with packs of Skeletal Archers and Skeletal Shieldmen for protection, in a role similar to the Greater Mummy and the various Shamans in Diablo II.

The Summoners are larger than regular skeletons, and have glowing purplish-pink orbs around their upper bodies. These may be shields, decoration, or an indication what type of elemental damage they deal, like the glowing hands of the Oblivion Knights in Diablo II.

During battle the Summoners stay to the rear of their foot soldiers, where they keep busy summoning fresh skeletons, or hurling purple projectiles at any players who stray into attack range, dealing average Arcane damage. The number of skeletons they can summon is near endless, but if one allows them to summon more and more skeletons, the kills they make do count towards experience gains, providing players with an interesting choice of action against these casters.

Note that Elite Summoners still summon regular skeletons. Moreover, they can only summon basic Skeletons and Skeletal Archers, not any other subtypes. In return, they summon them three at a time.

Unique Summoners[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

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In the WWI 2008 gameplay video, they were seen shooting a purple laser beam from each eye. The beams traveled some distance, then converged and dove into the ground, causing a new skeleton to rise up a second later. 

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