"Only the most talented mages can summon skeletal guardians. It takes great power to form these tall, slim constructs from their unstable reagents, and even more power to sustain them. In the hands of a master, however, the guardians can become powerful weapons capable of defending their posts until the end of time."

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A Skeletal Guardian

Skeletal Guardians are undead enemies encountered in Diablo III.


Skeletal Guardians are the most dangerous of all skeletal minions, as they possess some sort of intelligence, albeit twisted by the will of their masters. To create a Skeletal Guardian, a mage must put in considerable effort (and quite expensive reagents), partially infusing the resulting construct with their own essence. The result, however, is a servant who will guard his master's secrets for eternity.

Guardians stride on spider-like legs. The Guardian's own rudimentary legs can be seen below the walking ones.[1]


Skeletal Guardians replace Skeleton Mages from Diablo II. They are also different from the Skeletal Summoners.

Skeletal Guardians are only encountered in Act II, mostly guarding the rooms in dungeons that were once belonging to mages, particularly the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.

They are as tough as average skeletons, and move quite quickly, preferring to stay away from their enemies. In combat, Skeletal Guardians do not attack in melee, but instead hurl bolts of magical energy according to their type:

  • Fire (Smoldering Construct): average Fire damage, and each missile leaves a pool of fire that ticks for same amount of Fire damage for a few seconds.
  • Poison (Toxic Construct): average Poison damage, but the missile explodes on impact, creating a large Poison Nova-like blast. Upon death, also explodes with Poison blast. Both attacks also deal Poison damage over time.
  • Lightning (Charged Construct): very fast missiles, deal Lightning damage of random amount. The cast rate is slower than that of other types.
  • Cold (Chilling Construct): shoot slow missiles, three at a time, that deal slight Cold damage and Chill their target.

All four types are countered by fast movement. When dealing with Guardians, it is advisable to separate the skeletons of various types, dealing with them one by one, as when shooting uncontested, Skeletal Guardians make it very difficult to withstand their volleys of spells.

From time to time, one may see the Skeletal Guardians in the ghostly "stasis" form. In this state, they are harmless, but also immune to damage. Approaching them causes the constructs to materialize, becoming fully corporeal in a few seconds.

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