Skatsim, otherwise known as the Old Religion,[2] is a religion practiced in Kehjistan.


At its core, Skatsim is a unique blend of faith and mysticism. Practitioners perform certain rites to attain states of clairvoyance or to perceive past and future events. The followers of Skatsim strive for a higher state of being—a transcendance of self. Its practices are similar to that of the Taan Clan.[1]

Spirits exist in the context of the religion, as do priests.[2] Runes were used as part of the religion's writing style.[3]


Skatsim's history goes as far back as Sanctuary's early history. Originally existing as a cult, Skatsim's followers practiced their beliefs in hidden temples located in the east.[4]

Prior to the rise of Zakarum, Skatsim was one of the most widely practiced religions in Kehjistan. However, even before that, the popularity of the faith had been waning.[1] Prior to Zakarum gaining dominance over the land, Skatsimi magic was studied by Lam Esen.[5] He compiled his studies in a tome titled the Black Book of Lam Esen.[1] The book was lost when Zakarum gained dominance.[5]

When the Zakarum Inquisition was launched, Skatsim was one of the religions that was brutally suppressed by the church.[1] By 1264, only a few Skatsimi relics remained.[2] One of these artifacts, The Gidbinn, was retrieved by a group of heroes in their efforts to overcome the forces of Zakarum, which had been corrupted by Mephisto.[2]


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