Sir Gorash was a knight of Khanduras turned servant of Diablo.


As a knight of Khanduras, Gorash was among those King Leoric sent to wage war against Westmarch. Serving under Lachdanan, he was also one of the few who managed to return to Tristram after the disastrous campaign. When the knights returned to confront their lord, Leoric lost all pretense of sanity and ordered his guards upon them. Gorash and his fellow knights defended themselves,[1] and the ensuring battle took them into the depths of the Tristram Cathedral. Lachdanan was forced to kill his mad liege—in his death cry, Leoric brought down a curse upon his knights, consigning them to eternal damnation.[2]

The knights lay him to rest in his burial chamber. As they did so however, Leoric returned to life in the form of a skeletal demon. Gorash and the other knights were overcome instantly.[1] Rising as a Hell Knight, he resided in Hell itself, in close proximity to Diablo. However, he was slain by a trio of heroes.[3]



Sir Gorash

Sir Gorash is a Unique Blood Knight in Diablo I who is found on Dungeon Level 16. He is found in proximity to Diablo, and is one of the most powerful Unique Monsters in the game. His abilities are Charm, Stone Curse, Ignore Walls, Open Doors, Follow and Block Evasion. Unlike normal Hell Knights, Sir Gorash doesn't have any immunities or resistances, making him vulnerable to various magical attacks.


Resistances: None
Immunities: None
Life: 1050
Damage: 20-60


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