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The Sin Lieutenants[1] are seven powerful servants of Azmodan,[2] each representing a different vice.[3]


The Sin Lieutenants helped Azmodan gain dominance over the Burning Hells.[3] During the End of Days, the lieutenants were present when Azmodan confronted Leah in a vision, staring menacingly at her.[4] Two of them, Ghom and Cydaea, them participated in the Army of Sin's siege on Bastion's Keep but were soon defeated by Tyrael and The Nephalem.[1] During the last stages of the battle, the Chosen noted the absence of the other lieutenants. She wondered if Azmodan had lost their allegiance.[5]

Known Lieutenants[]

Unconfirmed Lieutenants[]


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Possible representation of Sin Lieutenants

  • The aforementioned Lieutenants appear to correspond to the Cardinal sins in Church doctrine.
  • The enthroned horned skeletons seen in Leah's vision of Azmodan may be representations of the Sin Lieutenants. The central throne is empty however, suggesting that there are either only six Lieutenants, or that they actually represent the Great Evils.


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