"The Silver City, the Crystal Arch, the Diamond Gates. I can scarcely imagine what it must be like to behold these magnificant structures in person, or how it might feel to cross bridges of light or bask in the glory of cascading fountains of music and harmony. After all, how could I, a mere mortal, ever hope to comprehend such splendor?"

Deckard Cain(src)

The Silver City

The Silver City is the capital of the High Heavens.


"High in the clouds lies a paradise. A silver city of hope. All the angels that walk its streets are shining paragons of heroism who always know what is right, and always fight in the name of peace and decency. Such are the tales told to children."


The Silver City is like a small world unto itself, a sprawling complex of glittering, soaring spires and sweeping buttresses. Its architecture pulses with light, and it sits in a backdrop of radiant luminescence. True to the nature of Heaven, where its domains are set, it is said that the Silver City is forever, that it will never change. Its tallest tower, the Silver Spire, contains the Crystal Arch, the supposed birthplace of all angels.

A sketch of the city by Deckard Cain

The city was protected by the Diamond Gates, and while they were assailed many times over the course of the Great Conflict, no demon ever gained entry to the city itself.[1] No demon, that is, until Diablo invaded the city, the Lord of Terror now the Prime Evil, having combined the essences of his six counterparts into a single being. The gates were shattered and Hell gained access to the city.[2] Where Diablo trod, corruption and death followed him, and began to consume the city rapidly.[3]

The forces of Heaven fought against the demonic hordes, but they were fighting a losing battle. Thanks to the efforts of Tyrael and a band of mortal heroes however, the city was saved and Diablo himself cast down. The damage to the city was 'healed' by light streaming from the sky above.[4]

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  • No beds are located in the city, since angels do not require sleep.[5]


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