Silkweave are a Unique pair of Mesh Boots.

Besides its high Defense against missiles, Silkweave are particularly useful to casters due to their bonus to Mana. The Mana after each Kill can be a helpful boon towards melee fighters attacking foes Immune to Physical Damage or leeching (Life StealMana Steal).

Silkweave are commonly used in Lightning Javazon builds, who use the very mana dependent Lightning Fury Skill. After just one Javelin throw, these Boots are able to refill huge amounts of mana.



Mesh Boots
Defense: 112-130
Required Level: 36
Required Strength: 65
Durability: 16
Assassin Kick Damage: 23-52

+150-190% Enhanced Defense
30% Faster Run/Walk
+5 To Mana After Each Kill
Increase Maximum Mana 10%
+200 Defense vs. Missiles

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