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"If you're here to defeat Baal, you must prove it!" -Larzuk

Siege on Harrogath is the first quest of the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion. It is initiated by talking to Larzuk, who tasks the player with destroying Shenk the Overseer, the taskmaster responsible for the constant siege on Harrogath.

After the player manages to defeat Shenk, the quest is completed. Larzuk will reward the player with adding Sockets to an item of the player's choosing. After the quest has been completed players are eligible to start the second quest, Rescue on Mount Arreat (Quest).

Quest Dialogue

"If you're here to defeat Baal, you must prove it! As we speak, Harrogath is under siege by Baal's demons. Catapults rain death just outside the town walls.

Baal himself travels up the sacred mountain, having left in charge here one of his most vicious generals, Shenk the Overseer. A ruthless taskmaster, he lashes his own minions into suicidal frenzies on the battlefield. If you wish to prove yourself to us, destroy the monster, Shenk, that commands those infernal catapults outside Harrogath. If you manage to do this, return to me."

Completion Dialogue: "You're an even greater warrior than I expected...Sorry for under estimating you. As a token of my appreciation, I will craft sockets into an item of your choosing, And from now on, you'll get the best price for all my wares."

Quest Information

For the Monster statistics, see Shenk the Overseer

Shenk can be found in the farthest regions of the Bloody Foothills. He is surrounded by several Catapults and a horde of minions, the Enslaved. He can use Minion Frenzy to transform them to Fanatic Enslaved, turning them into volatile walking bombs. It might be difficult to reach Shenk due to his many minions, but he does tend to wander around. Lure his minions away and defeat them first before focusing on Shenk. When Shenk dies a flurry of Catapult charges will start shelling the location of Shenk's corpse; this bombardment doesn't deal damage to the player but will kill any minions or catapults caught in the blast radius.


As a reward for killing Shenk, Larzuk offers to add sockets to an item of your choice. This allows for players to add sockets to superior, magical, and rare items. However, items that cannot hold sockets are ineligible to receive them from Larzuk.

How this works:

  • Magic Items receive either 1 or 2 sockets (assuming they qualify for sockets).
  • Set Items, Rare Items, Unique Items, and Crafted Items all receive 1 socket.
  • Normal Items receive the maximum amount of sockets allowed for the item level (not necessarily six, depends on the item being socketed).
  • Item level is determined by the level of the monster that drops the item.
  • Socketed items cannot be socketed again.
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