Siege Beasts are massive, rhinoceros-like creatures found only in the surface areas of Act V in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Although they can be quite intimidating at first glance, they are not quite as dangerous as some of Baal's forces. Their primary method of attack is to stomp or swipe at their prey, inflicting considerable damage to their target. They also possess the ability to pound the ground, creating a miniature earthquake. Their primary weakness lies in their slow movement and lack of intelligence. Ranged classes may employ fire-and-move tactics to easily bring them down.

Siege Beasts also serve as beasts of burden for the Demon Imps. The smaller creatures teleport up into the palanquins on the backs of the Siege Beasts, giving them protection from attack and allowing them to utilize their damaging Inferno. Siege Beasts gain nothing on their own from being used by the parasitic Demon Imps; however, the danger level increases exponentially when Imps pair themselves with Siege Beasts. Siege Beasts will continue to have their primary attacks available to them, allowing them to eviscerate a hapless victim while their rider casts incinerating bursts, ensuring a quick death to anyone not in possession of hefty fire resistance.

Siege Beast
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