"Fetid swamps stretch beyond your vision, obscured by a dense fog that commands malevolent intent. Ancient structures long since abandoned are scattered across the sunken mire, and the absence of human activity might have something to do with an ongoing eerie sense of being watched. Still, despite the sense that something unnatural looms in the distance, the notion that treasure and glory may await tempts even the most cautious being.
Welcome to the Shrouded Moors."

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Shrouded Moors

The Shrouded Moors

The Shrouded Moors are an Adventure Mode zone in Diablo III,[1] implemented in Patch 2.6.0.[2] They are located in the north of Act II.


The Shrouded Moors are a harsh, inhospitable land[3] that border a verdant wilderness.[4] Located in Scosglen, the moors are a rain-swept, windy, and desolate grassland,[5] complete with rocks and plateaus.[6] Fetid swamps stretch further than the eye can see, one's vision obscured by the dense fog that covers the area. Due to the lack of human activity, one has the eerie sense of being watched in the area. Its primary inhabitants are foul and vicious beasts,[4] which scavenge for any prey they can find.[7]



One of the moors' ruins

The moors have been occupied by armies and empires over time.[8] Many civilizations have tried to settle here but none ever lasted, their remnants still visible throughout the land.[8] The purpose of these stone structures is lost to time, but stand as the only clue of human settlement in the area.[4] The notion that treasure and glory awaited in the area could tempt even the most cautious individual them, however.[4]


Light kindled in darkness

By the year 1285, the moors had been abandoned for centuries. But then, something stirred within its perpetual fog, as though a dark presence had taken hold.[3] Monsters and demons began to roam the area.[6] Tyrael and the Horadrim received word that the moors might be less deserted than previously thought. Lurking below, a great evil had begun to stir, drawing followers with most unsettling desires...[4]







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  • The Shrouded Moors are located in Scosglen, though are depicted in the Act II region in Diablo III. This is because Scosglen isn't playable in the game.[9]


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