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For other shrines, see Shrines.

Shrines appear in Diablo IV. They can give "shrine blessings" to the player.

Name Effect Message
Artillery Shrine You attack faster and summon holy arrows. Divine weapons abet the worthy.
Blast Wave Shrine A wave of energy blasts out from the player every few seconds, damaging enemies. Arcane power brings destruction.
Conduit Shrine Turn into a ball of lightning, damaging enemies around you. You are the storm's fury made manifest.
Greed Shrine Enemies drop gold when hit. Wherever the brave strike, riches follow.
Lethal Shrine[1] All of your hits are critical strikes.[2] Fate guides the deft hand to strike true.
Protection Shrine You are given a shield. Faith is the shield against darkness.
Vampiric Shrine You are healed when dealing damage. Blood begets blood.


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