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A shrine in Diablo III

Shrines are magical structures found scattered around Sanctuary in Diablo III, and each one is beneficial in some way. Before activating a shrine, the player can place their pointer over the shrine to see what type it is. Clicking on a shrine will activate it for the player and any allies within a certain distance of them. Shrines can only be activated once, and will go dim after activation to reflect this. Multiple shrine effects can be had at the same time, but the same shrine effect does not stack. Instead, if the player finds a shrine for an effect they already have activated, activating the second shrine will reset the timer for that effect. Equipping Nemesis Bracers will spawn a Champion Monster when the shrine is activated.

Shrines were created by the Horadrim[1].

Normal shrines[]


Normal (left) and Bandit (right) Shrines

All shrine effects normally last for two minutes, but Gloves of Worship will make them last 10 minutes instead. The bonuses are lost upon death. The following standard shrine types are encountered frequently:

  • Enlightened: You gain 25% increased experience from monster kills. This bonus is multiplicative with items giving a +% bonus to EXP
  • Frenzied: Your attack speed increases by 25%.
  • Protection: You reduce all incoming damage by 25%. The shrine was previously called Blessed, a name still used for the shrine's buff.
  • Empowered: You have 100% increased resource gain, and 50% reduced cooldown time.
  • Fleeting: You gain 25% increased movement speed and increase your pickup radius by 20 yards.

These shrines are much rarer:

  • Bandit: Spawns 10-15 Treasure Goblins, one by one, in rapid succession. It is the only Shrine that has unique graphics - a miniature Goblin statue on top instead of a crystal. (Added Patch 2.3.0.)
  • Fortune: You gain 25% increased magic and gold find rate. This shrine was formerly a "standard" shrine, but as of the Reaper of Souls expansion its effects are far outclassed by bonuses from higher Difficulty settings. Its bonus is still required for the Bless You achievement, and can be obtained randomly from a Well of Blessings and rarely in other locations.

Cursed Shrines[]


A Cursed Shrine

Main article: The Cursed Shrines

A cursed shrine takes on the shape of a normal shrine, but has a red glimmer to it. These now appear only as part of The Cursed Shrines event, which is only available as a bounty. Cleansing six of them is the objective of the event, which is accomplished by clicking on them, each time spawning a group of monsters around the shrine. They do not provide any normal shrine benefits.

Removed Cursed Shrines[]

Main article: Cursed Chest

Cursed Shrines formerly appeared and functioned in the game world in the same manner as Cursed Chests: Clicking them started an event which spawned monsters to be killed within a time limit to either cleanse the shrine or earn a bonus reward. All instances of this type of shrine were removed and replaced with chest versions, possibly around Season 10.[2]

Most if not all "five waves" format Cursed Chests were formerly Cursed Shrines of this type. They functioned almost exactly the same as the equivalent Cursed Chests, including their names and presence in "Cursebreaker" achievements, and requiring the dispatch of five waves of monsters. The only difference was that completion of the events cleansed shrines rather than chests, turning them into random un-cursed shrines. The bonus reward was still a Radiant Chest.

Some of these shrines in Adventure Mode instead functioned like "minor" Cursed Chests, spawning a pack of monsters or a boss, with a short timer to defeat them. Just like the chests, defeating the monsters in time cleansed the shrine, otherwise the monsters remain but the event is failed and the shrine disappears.



A Pylon in Diablo III

In Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts, there exist more powerful effects from environmental objects known as Pylons. These effects are exclusive to the Nephalem Rifts, and usually last for only 30 seconds (Speed and Shielding last 60). The effects persist through death, but are inactive while dead. Gloves of Worship will not prolong the effect of Pylons (The Flavor of Time will do so instead), and Nemesis Bracers will summon Elites properly.

As of patch 2.4.2, each type has a unique map icon, so one can see in advance which type they are approaching to.

The following Pylons exist:

  • Conduit: You gain an aura of lightning that will make short work of anything nearby, be it an object or a monster. Each lightning bolt hits for roughly 4000% damage as Lightning, has access to the hero's full assortment of critical hit stats, but has a limit of how many targets it can strike at once, and only delivers one hit every 2 seconds to each. In Nephalem Rift or Greater Rift, it deals much less damage to Rift Guardians and bosses. In Greater Rifts, its damage scales with rift tier instead of regular 4000%.
  • Speed: Your attack speed is increased by 30% and movement speed is increased by 80%, ignoring the normal limits, for 60 seconds. While hastened, the character can move through enemies, damaging them and knocking them back, breaking any destructible objects in their path, and destroying Waller barriers.
  • Shielding: You gain a shield that makes you completely invulnerable to all forms of attacks, including control impairment effects, for 60 seconds.
  • Power: Your damage dealt is increased by 400%, multiplicative to other similar modifiers.
  • Channeling: All cooldowns in progress are immediately reset upon touching the shrine, and all cooldowns for skills activated while the shrine is in effect are reduced by 75%. In addition, the base resource cost (even Life, if any) of all skills is reduced to zero. Skills based on charges do not cost a charge while the shrine is in effect (for example, Sentry allows unlimited placement of sentries, subject to the normal limit, during the 30 seconds). However, skills that drain all remaining resources to increase damage (such as the Singularity Rune of the Necromancer's Skeletal Mage) will still do so; only the base cost of the skill itself will be nullified.

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