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Shrines are magical structures found scattered around Sanctuary, and each one is beneficial in some way. A Shrine is activated by clicking on it, but before doing so, place your pointer over the Shrine to see what type it is. All shrines and similar structures, except for wells, have messages displayed in italic text over them. The magical effects of shrines wear off after a brief period of time, and you can only be under the effect of one Shrine at a time. So if you activate a shrine that gives a timed buff while you're still under the effect of a previous one, the effect of the first Shrine will be replaced by the second one.

Some Shrines recharge after a few minutes and can be used again.

Shrines that have a duration can be used to counter or remove the effects of a monster's curse, such as those cast by Cursed Unique Monsters and Oblivion Knights. Be forewarned, however; the opposite can happen and can cause you to lose your shrine effect, being replaced by a detrimental effect. The Paladin Cleansing aura will also decrease the duration of shrine effects.

Name Message Effect Duration (seconds) Recharge (minutes)
Mana Recharge
Your spiritual forces recover more quickly +400% mana recharge rate 96 5
Armor bonus
Your skin hardens... +100% Defense 96 5
Combat bonus
You feel ready for combat +200% to Attack Rating, +200% min and max damage 96 5
Resist Fire
You no longer fear fire... +75% to resist fire 144 5
Resist Cold
You no longer fear the cold... +75% to resist cold 144 5
Resist Lightning
You no longer fear lightning.. +75% to resist lightning 144 5
Resist Poison
You no longer fear poison.. +75% to resist poison 144 5
Skill bonus
You feel more skillful +2 to all skill levels 96 5
Stamina bonus
The weight of the world feels lighter on your shoulders... Unlimited Stamina 192 5
Experience bonus
Your experience teaches you well... 50% more experience per kill 144 0
You feel refreshed Fully refills Health and Mana 0 2
D2 life ball angel
You feel healthy Fully refills Health 0 2
D2 mana ball demon
You feel recharged Fully refills Mana 0 2
The freedom to go home... Opens a portal to the town in the current Act. Unlike town portal scrolls, this portal can be passed through both back and forth any number of times. 0 0
120px-Fire Ball
A fiery death... Sends out Fireballs in all directions, all nearby players and monsters lose 1/2 their current hit points if hit. 0 0
A circle of flame... Gives the player 5-10 Exploding Potions and tosses out 5 Exploding Potions in random directions/distances 0 0
A circle of death... Gives player 5-10 Choking Gas Potions and creates a ring of Poison gas around the shrine 0 0
Death's advocate approaches... The nearest monster becomes a Unique or Champion Monster 0 0
Gem bonus
A marvelous gem... Upgrades a random Gem or Skull in your inventory, or gives a chipped Gem or Skull if player has neither in inventory. Gems inside the Horadric Cube will not be upgraded. 0 0


"Well" redirects here, for the wells in Diablo III, see Healing Well.

Wells refill Life, Mana and Stamina. Wells also cure Poison and remove Curses, though they do not remove Chilling effects. Wells come with two charges by default, and they recharge over time. Using both charges always fully refills life, mana, and stamina. The locations of wells are constant (unless maps are rerolled). Wells also completely replenish hirelings and minions to full life. 

Wells differ in appearance from area to area. They are absent in Act IV

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