Shock Pulse

Class: Wizard (Diablo III)
Required Level: 3
Skill Category: Signature Spells

Release a medium range pulse of 3 unpredictable charges of electricity that each deal 194% damage as Lightning.

Damage Type: Lightning
Other Stats: Signature spells are free to cast.

Shock Pulse is a Lightning spell used by Wizards in Diablo III. It is a remake of the classic spell Charged Bolt.


Shock Pulse releases 3 slow, erratically moving sparks, each dealing Lightning damage to a single enemy. It counts as a Signature Spell and therefore costs no Arcane Power to cast. There is no limit on how many pulses can be summoned at a time, but sparks can only travel 40 yards. Even though the sparks move randomly, they do fly in the direction the spell is cast, spreading within a cone no wider than 90 degrees.

Like Charged Bolt, all variants of Shock Pulse are most effective against large numbers of enemies or against single massive foes, when accuracy is not critical.


  • Explosive Bolts: damage type turns to Cold. Enemies killed by the bolts explode for 184% damage as Cold, 10 yard range.
  • Fire Bolts: damage type turns to Fire, damage increased to 274%.
  • Piercing Orb: fires one orb instead of three pulses, which moves in more or less straignt path and for greater distance (up to 80 yards), hitting for 214% damage, piercing through enemies.
  • Power Affinity: each enemy hit awards 2 Arcane Power.
  • Living Lightning: releases one, very slow-moving lightning apparition that shocks nearby foes for 165% damage per tick, moving in straight path roughly 20 yards and piercing through enemies.

Non-rune enhancementsEdit

  • Delsere's Magnum Opus Set (Set Bonus for 2 items): casting Shock Pulse reduces the remaining cooldown of Slow Time by 3 seconds.
  • Delsere's Magnum Opus Set (Set Bonus for 6 items): enemies affected by Slow Time and 5 seconds afterwards take +8500% increased damage from Shock Pulse.
  • The Shame of Delsere (Legendary Belt): the spell is cast 50% faster and restores 9-12 Arcane Power on each cast.
  • Triumvirate (Legendary Source): casting Shock Pulse increases damage of Arcane Orb by 300-400% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 3 times, charges not consumed upon cast.
  • Simplicity's Strength (Legendary Gem): increases damage by 25% (+0.5% per rank) and heals the character for 4% of maximum Life per hit (rank 25 bonus).
  • Boyarsky's Chip (Legendary Gem): Taunts the first enemy hit for 2 seconds (rank 25 bonus).


  • Prodigyeach cast restores 5 Arcane Power.


  • Shard of Hate (Legendary Sword): Lightning skills have a chance upon attacking to unleash an empowered Shock Pulse. This does 200-250% damage as Lightning, but is otherwise like the unmodified version of the skill itself.
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