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Shiver Armor

Class: Sorceress
Required Level: 12
Skill Tree: Cold Spells
Requires: Frozen Armor, Ice Bolt, Ice Blast
Active / Passive
Cost: 11 Mana

The Sorceress enchants a Armor of cold, granting a defense bonus, as well as slowing and damaging any melee attackers.

Damage Type: Cold
Synergies: Frozen Armor, Chilling Armor
Other Stats: Only one Cold Armor may be active at a time

Shiver Armor is a Sorceress Skill in Diablo II.


A significant upgrade from frozen armor, this defensive shield deals an icy blast to any attackers, numbing them with cold, searing pain.

General InformationEdit

Frozen Armor

Shiver Armor active

  • Gives synergy to:
Frozen Armor: +10 Seconds per level
Frozen Armor: +5% Freeze duration per level
Chilling Armor: +10 Seconds per level
Chilling Armor: +7% Cold damage per level
  • Receives synergy from:
Frozen Armor: +10 Seconds per level
Frozen Armor: +9% Cold damage per level
Chilling Armor: +10 Seconds per level
Chilling Armor: +9% Cold damage per level

The next step after Frozen Armor, Shiver Armor gives the largest Defense Bonus out of all her Cold Armor spells. Unlike Frozen Armor, it does not freeze enemies solid, but it does consistently slow enemies for 4 seconds.

Compared to Chilling Armor, Shiver Armor gives a not only a greater Defense Bonus, but also more Damage reflected to enemies. However, Shiver Armor only works against melee enemies; ranged attacks will still meet no resistance.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 11
Cold Length: 4 seconds

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bonus Defense 45% 51% 57% 63% 69% 75% 81% 87% 93% 99% 105%
Damage 6–88–1110–1413–1615–1917–2219–2521–2725–3128–3531–39
Duration 130s 142s 154s 166s 178s 190s 202s 214s 226s 238s 250s
Level 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Bonus Defense 111% 117% 123% 129% 135% 141% 147% 153% 159%
Damage 34–4338–4641–5044–5447–5852–6356–6861–7365–77
Duration 262s 274s 286s 298s 310s 322s 334s 346s 358s
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