Shadow Killer is a unique Battle Cestus from Diablo II.

With an affinity for Cold, Shadow Killer is useful for impairing enemies, chilling them with cold; it has a fairly high chance of casting Frost Nova on striking, a good crowd-control skill. Still, in Hell mode, Shadow Killer may not be as effective due to reduced cold duration.



Shadow Killer
Battle Cestus

Damage: (145-172) To (170-201)
Required Level: 78
Required Strength: 100
Required Dexterity: 100
Katar Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
(Assassin Only)
+170-220% Enhanced Damage
-25% Target Defense
Freezes Target +2
+10-15 To Mana After Each Kill
33% Chance To Cast Level 8 Frost Nova On Striking
Ethereal (Cannot Be Repaired)

(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

Exceptional Katars — Bartuc's Cut-Throat (Greater Talons)
Elite Katars — Jade Talon (Wrist Sword) • Shadow Killer (Battle Cestus) • Firelizard's Talons (Feral Claws)
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