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For the similarly named monster, see Flesh of Nar Gulle.
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The Shade of Nar Gulle

Shade of Nar Gulle, Shadow of Vengeance is a unique Wraith that can be found in the Sewers of Caldeum in Diablo III. He is a rare spawn for an unmarked event.

He does not have any affixes in combat, but may hurl magical orbs that deal average Poison damage. He spawns with four piles of Accursed corpses, and every time players destroy his ghostly form, he takes a new body from one of the piles, turning into the Flesh of Nar Gulle (unique Accursed). When killed in fleshly form, he returns to ghostly form with full Life, repeating the cycle until players destroy all four corpse piles. The loot and experience are only awarded for the final kill of the ghostly form.