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Sewers (Act III)
Act Act III
Quests Khalim's Will
Levels 2
Monsters Preserved Dead,
Horadrim Ancient,
Undead Soul Killer,
Gloombat(Lvl 1),
Feeder(Lvl 1),
Blood Wing(Lvl 2),
Slime Prince(Lvl 2),
Stygian Watcher
Super Unique Monsters Icehawk Riftwing (Lvl1)
Adjacent Zones Kurast Bazaar, Upper Kurast
Area Level Normal 23, 24
Area Level Nightmare 52, 53
Area Level Hell 85, 85
Waypoint No

This article refers to the Sewers found beneath Kurast in Act III. See Sewers (Act II) for the article about the sewers beneath Lut Gholein.

The Sewers under Kurast are a large maze of undead-infested canals that can be entered from either Kurast Bazaar or Upper Kurast.

The sewers consist of two levels. Unlike other dungeons, the second level can only be entered after a special Sewer Lever has been pulled. The lever is guarded by a Super Unique Monster, Icehawk Riftwing.

The second level of the sewers is of fixed design; that means it isn't randomly generated. It is one of the few level 85 zones on Hell difficullty, but is not particularly popular as a Magic Find zone. It consists of a small chamber with a pool in its center; there are several Stygian Watchers hiding in its waters. This area is also the resting place of Khalim's Heart.