This article refers to the Sewers found beneath Lut Gholein in Act II. See Sewers (Act III) for the article about the sewers beneath Kurast.
Sewers (Act II)
Act Act II
Quests Radament's Lair
Levels 3
Monsters Dried Corpse, Sand Raider, Burning Dead, Burning Dead Archer
Adjacent Zones Lut Gholein
Area Level Normal 13, 13, 14
Area Level Nightmare 43, 43, 44
Area Level Hell 74, 74, 75
Waypoint Yes

The Sewers are the dungeons beneath Lut Gholein in Diablo II. The zone has two entrances: one beneath a trap door next to Greiz and one to the south, near the port. Lately the sewers have been invaded by hordes of undead monsters, led by the monster Radament. At night Radament conducts raids on the unsuspecting townsfolk above, stealing their bodies in order to revive his own undead flesh. Atma tasks the player with ridding Lut Gholein of Radament.

In the sewers, bodies of wolves can be found, chained to the floor. It is unclear why there would be wolves in the sewers of Lut Gholein, as wolves aren't desert creatures. It's possible Radamant brought them there in order to use their bodyparts (the ancient Horadrim were known to replace bodyparts of dead humans with those of animals).

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