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Sevrin was a powerful merchant who lived in Kingsport, and the father of Adria.


A man of privilege and wealth, Sevrin spent much of his life trying to protect it, caring more about the faces in paintings and the names in books than his own flesh and blood, which served to instill a resentment in young Adria.[1]

Before Adria turned ten, Sevrin lost a small fortune when his fleet of ships were lost in a storm, and he got drunk and took his rage out on his wife, which resulted in her death. Sevrin was arrested by the city guard for the murder, but because of his wealth and influence, he was able to secure a pardon. During this time, Adria lingered outside the jailhouse, and when he was released, the two returned to their dockside abode.

Not long after this event, Sevrin would die in a horrific blaze that consumed the home that he and his family shared, a fire that was speculated to have been started by Adria herself.[2] In Sevrin's final moments, he saw his daughter for what she truly was and whispered one word, which would be his last.[1] According to reports, water had no noticeable effect on the fire at first and two guards succumbed to the inferno, roasting them in their armor; and it would take a full day to extinguish the fire for good.[2]