For the skill as it appears in Diablo Immortal, see Seven-Sided Strike (Diablo Immortal).
Seven-Sided Strike
Seven-Sided Strike

Class: Monk
Required Level: 17
Skill Category: Focus
Cost: 50 Spirit
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Dash rapidly between nearby enemies, dealing 5677% damage as Physical over 7 strikes.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Does not start cooldown until after effects expire

Seven-Sided Strike is a Focus skill used by the Monk in Diablo III.


When activated, the Monk disappears from the battlefield (and cannot be harmed until the effect ends, minimum 0.25 seconds). Every 0.2 seconds, a random enemy within 20 yards of the cast location (indicated by a glowing glyph on the ground) will suffer a hit for 811% damage as Physical. If there are 7 enemies or more, each hit will find a different target, but if less enemies remain, it can hit the same target more than once. If there are no enemies in range, the effect ends, so using this skill against a moving target can be less effective.

Against Illusionist affix monsters, it is less effective, for most likely the hits will destroy the illusions, leaving the real enemy more or less unharmed. For the same reason, trying to reach a stronger enemy hiding among the lesser foes will waste the powerful cooldown for overkill effect.

As of patch 2.3, the cooldown of this skill only starts after its effect expires.


  • Sudden Assault: damage type changes to Lightning, teleports to the targeted location (no more than 40 yards) before cast, and increases damage to 1184% per hit (to a total of 8285%) (unlocked at level 23).
  • Incinerate: damage type changes to Fire, and each enemy hit also burns for 630% damage as Fire over 3 seconds; multiple applications stack, but are not renewed (unlocked at level 29).
  • Pandemonium: damage type changes to Cold, removes the Spirit cost, and all enemies hit are also Frozen for 7 seconds (unlocked at level 37).
  • Sustained Attack: reduces the cooldown to 14 seconds (unlocked at level 43).
  • Fulminating Onslaught: instead of a single hit, each strike creates an explosion for 877% damage as Holy in a 7 yard radius around the target (unlocked at level 60).

Non-rune enhancementsEdit

  • The Flow of Eternity (Legendary Daibo): increases damage by +100% and reduces the cooldown by 45-60%.
  • Binding of the Lost (Legendary Belt): each hit of Seven-Sided Strike reduces all damage taken by 4-5% for 7 seconds, stacking without cap.
  • Lion's Claw (Legendary Fist Weapon): increases number of strikes by 7.
  • Madstone (Legendary Spirit Stone): applies Exploding Palm to each enemy hit by Seven-Sided Strike, exploding outright if the enemy dies from the hit.
  • Uliana’s Stratagem Set (Set Bonus for 4 items): Seven-Sided Strike delivers 777% of its full damage with each strike.
  • Uliana’s Stratagem Set (Set Bonus for 6 items): Seven-Sided Strike detonates Exploding Palm on each enemy it hits.


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