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The guides are based on videos made by Quin69 and sometimes other people.

General Tips[]


Diablo 3 2.4.1 All Set Dungeon Mastery Rewards (Updated every Patches)-0

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  • Some objectives can be completely trivialized, or made significantly easier, by equipping certain synergestic items or skills. They will be marked with Cheat option.
  • Objectives that require not being hit by attacks or Crowd Control effects are not failed if the character is immune to them, permanently or temporarily, at the moment of taking the hit. However, some exceptions do exist.
  • Hits taken by pets do not fail the dungeon.
  • Fatal damage only fails the dungeon if all life-saver effects are exhausted.
  • All monsters, including hidden ones, are highlighted on the map and marked as quest targets.
  • Carefully checking the corners is advised to avoid returning to previously explored areas in search for last remaining foes. However, after multiple runs, potentially empty areas will most likely be known.
  • Map and layout are static. It is safe to develop a movement pattern.
  • Monsters' positions, most of the time, are not static, and may slightly change from time to time.
  • Monster Life and damage is significantly lower than on Torment X, therefore even an average gear can be used to successfully clear a Set Dungeon. However, for time sake, one should aim for higher damage output (with some exceptions).
  • Some objectives require the monsters to be killed slowly, without triggering their premature death. In that case, reducing damage output by changing skills and equipment may be required.
  • Area of effect damage skills are mandatory due to the sheer number of foes opposing heroes and limited time.
  • Nearly every dungeon is a large map, therefore relocation skills are mandatory, preferably with items and skill runes that make them recharge faster and/or last longer.
  • For objectives that require multiple foes to be hit / killed in a specific way at once, items and skills with pulling in trait are often useful.
  • Since total number of foes is limited, it is advised to earn objectives that require large number of foes to be hit or killed in a certain way as soon as possible, otherwise player may find themselves not having enough enemies left.
  • Leaving the dungeon at any moment resets it. Town Portal is the easiest way to restart.
  • If the dungeon is failed, exit portal appears next to the character for convenience.


Immortal King's Call[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Immortal King's Call (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Kill every Elite using the 4000% damage bonus (with both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients active)
    • Difficulty: Average (Normal), Easy (Cheat)
  • Objective 2: Kill 150 enemies while Wrath of the Berserker is active
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • King's Guardians deal high damage with their leaps; Nerves of Steel helps. Their Mortars are a threat too, but can be mitigated with The Star of Azkaranth.
  • As Call of the Ancients is permanent (can easily be resummoned if one of them falls), and Wrath of the Berserker can be maintained nearly permanently if desired, killing Elites with these two set bonuses comes naturally.
  • Using Boulder Toss or Seismic Slam allows quickly expending Fury and resetting the cooldown of WotB. To keep it active, it must be recast before its duration wears off.
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and cooldown reduction are advised to minimize risks of not resetting the cooldown of WotB before its 20-seconds duration expires. Boon of Bul-Kathos also becomes an obvious choice for passive.
  • To sustain enough Fury, generating skills are recommended; Fury of the Ancients or the respective rune of the Call of the Ancients skill award enough resources even without Primary skills.

Might of the Earth[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Might of the Earth (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Use Leap, Ground Stomp and then Earthquake in under 6 seconds on every Elite (7 total)
    • Difficulty: Insane
  • Objective 2: Freeze and kill at least 1 enemy every 10 seconds for 1 minute
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • Defenders of Might are quite fragile. Having excessive damage will kill them before player can perform a full combo.
  • Combo does not trigger from Earthquakes triggered by the set; it must be actually cast. Maintaining its cooldown as low as possible will prevent the necessity to wait if an Elite is encountered before it resets.
  • Boulder Toss, Rumble or another quick Fury spender is needed to reset the cooldowns.
  • Unlike most Unique Set Dungeon monsters, Defenders of Might spawn at fixed points, so one can prepare to face them, and reset the cooldowns in advance. Releasing skills (specifically, Boulder Toss) in thin air before engaging Defenders of Might may help.
  • All three skills must be used in 6 seconds from the moment Leap hits the Elite; however, if the Elite lives long enough, even a broken combo can be repeated.
  • Combo skills must be used in the specified order, or it will not be credited.
  • Avoid leading Elites into active Earthquake and Avalanche areas, or they will likely die before combo streak.
  • It is possible to perform combo on more than one Elite at a time.
  • A buff icon will appear to track the number of foes Frozen and killed, as well as 1-minute duration of the streak.
  • 1-minute killing streak requires 1 or more Freeze and 1 or more kill in no more than 10 seconds from the last Freeze and kill respectively. The Freeze and killing blow do not need to be inflicted on the same foe.
  • Due to the Freeze requirement, Chilling Earth and/or Glacier runes for Earthquake and/or Avalanche are mandatory.
  • Due to Imps running away from the character, it is easy to lose them, which, coupled with the Elite combo cooldowns, makes it very hard to beat the 4:27 timer.
  • Sprint may supplement Leap for mobility, but as a Fury spender, it is a very poor choice.
  • Lut Socks are helpful (boost mobility, freeze and damage), and make cooldown management easier if coupled with the 2 piece and 4 piece set bonuses, Earthen Might, Bul-Kathos's Oath and regular Boulder Toss.
  • Blade of the Tribes can be used for extra Earthquake casts, especially if one encounters an Elite and does not have the skill readily available. However, if possible, it is best avoided along with Dread Iron in order to prevent Earthquake and Avalanche from killing Defenders of Might too quickly.

Legacy of Raekor[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - The Legacy of Raekor (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Hit 15 enemies with a single Furious Charge (6 times)
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Hit different enemies with 5 stacks bonus Fury spender skill 15 times
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • Due to length of the Charge being determined by the cursor's location, one will need to move mouse as far as possible to hit more foes.
  • Kiting enemies to band them together, preferably 2-3 groups at once, then running away to make them form a line, is the easiest way to score 15 hits at once.
  • The hits of empowered Fury spender after 5 casts of Furious Charge do not need to be delivered at once; it just requires 15 total casts that actually hit an enemy with 5 or more stacks of the buff.
  • Remember that each damaging cast of the Charge only grants one stack, regardless of how many foes it hits.
  • The only thing that can go wrong (aside from time limit) is running out of monsters: hitting too many foes with each Charge once the first objective is reached will make the second objective harder to achieve.
  • Imps spawned by Harvesters upon death do not count towards the Mastery kill count, and do not need to be killed.
  • Fallen Ones resurrected by Raekors Wraths do not need to be killed the second time.
  • Avoid spending Charge stacks when less than 5 is available.

Wrath of the Wastes[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Wrath of the Wastes (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Rend 10 different enemies at once (5 times)
    • Difficulty: Insane (Normal), Hard (Cheat)
  • Objective 2: Do not take Physical damage for the duration of the dungeon
    • Difficulty: Hard (Normal), Average (Cheat)


  • While both objectives are relatively easy by themselves, it is challenging to complete them simultaneously (as being surrounded by 10+ foes makes the character vulnerable to melee attack).
  • Taking the Defensive skill Ground Stomp with Wrenching Smash rune will allow the Barbarian to both pull the foes closer to them AND Stun them long enough to cast Rend and get away before the foes recover.
  • Call of Arreat combined with Lut Socks helps as well. It also helps to get past the blades if needed.
  • For easier grasp of Rend, one can take the Ravage rune that augments the Rend radius (+50%).
  • The hardest part is to group foes for the hit. Hurricane is sometimes used to assist with that.
  • Only the actual cast of Rend will suffice for the first objective; Bloodbath does not count.
  • Each enemy can only be affected by Rend once for the first objective, after which it will not count, even with Lamentation.
  • Physical damage does include the pendulum traps (however, bypassing them is relatively easy, especially with Furious Charge or Leap).
  • Damage cannot be taken at all, even fully absorbed; only immunity can prevent the failure if hit. Gangway can help a lot here, but it will disrupt the crowding.
  • To make moving around the map easier, Bul-Kathos's Oath is recommended.
  • Moving around the foes without approaching them is advised; let Dust Devils do damage instead of the Whirlwind itself.
  • Enemies in the dungeon have no ranged attacks, except for Plagued affix of Wrath Dealers.
  • In-Geom can be used to boost the mobility even further; endless Furious Charge, Leap and Ground Stomp for a short time after killing a Wrath Dealer.
  • Wrath Dealers, if not killed fast, can complicate things with their Waller affix, however, Leap and/or Illusory Boots solve that issue.
  • Rend must be applied by the skill itself; Ambo's Pride will not grant the credit for it.


Armor of Akkhan[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Armor of Akkhan (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Use Condemn on 10 different enemies simultaneously (10 times)
    • Difficulty: Insane
  • Objective 2: Kill 150 enemies while imbued with Akarat's Champion
    • Difficulty: Insane


  • Frydehr's Wrath or In-Geom is mandatory in this dungeon, as it allows ignoring the cooldown of Condemn.
  • Vacuum rune of Condemn can be used to pull more enemies to its blast area. Alternatively, Unleashed rune grants more control over the spell detonation.
  • Blade of Prophecy secondary blasts do not allow hitting more foes with a single blast; instead, additional blasts will have their own enemy hit counter. This item is not only useless, but actually harmful (see below).
  • Same enemy can be hit more than once for the first objective; it only requires that a particular cast hits 10+ enemies, not that each cast hits 10 enemies that were never hit before. However, there is a small waiting period before the enemy can be "re-used".
  • Fortunately, Morlu Legionnaires can be put to their ash state, then hit again.
  • Guardian of Akkhan Illusionist copies do count as enemy hits for the first objective.
  • The main reason first objective is hard is due to limited amount of foes on the map; nearly every enemy must be killed by Condemn under Akarat's Champion for the two objectives to be completed on time.
  • The map is quite large, so Steed Charge is mandatory.
  • It is advised to Condemn foes 10 times first, then return and run all over the map again killing foes (the map is P-shaped). Enemies that are alone in the area can be killed outright, as grouping them for Condemn is time-inefficient.
  • The first objective will leave foes alive if Condemn is used when outside Akarat's Champion. However, this is a risky method.

Roland's Legacy[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Roland's Legacy (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Hit 12 different enemies with a single Sweep Attack (7 times)
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • Objective 2: Spend 300 Wrath within 10 seconds (5 times)
    • Difficulty: Insane (Normal), Hard (Cheat)


  • The map is rather large, so Steed Charge is mandatory.
  • Due to high number of foes, the timer is very strict; over 500 enemies must be killed in less than 4.5 minutes.
  • To maximize the efficiency of Wrath spending, the easiest way is to use Golden Flense coupled with Akarat's Champion, which should give enough Wrath to expend quickly.
  • Wrath expending attacks do not have to hit anything, so casting Sweep Attack in the air works as well.
  • A buff icon shows up to display the amount of Wrath spent in the last 10 seconds.
  • Wrath counter resets when the 300 / 10 requirement is achieved.
  • The main difficulty is to catch (or not skip) a single Imp, which generally flee from the player. However, Wreath of Lightning or similar item can hit them to display the Life bars for easier tracking.
  • Due to time limit, kiting foes for the first objective works poorly. However, Imps are often found in clusters, which gives a chance of easily swiping enough foes just as they are killed.

Seeker of the Light[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Seeker of the Light (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Cast Falling Sword 3 times within 15 seconds (3 times)
    • Difficulty: Average (Normal), Easy (Cheat)
  • Objective 2: Do not get hit by a single Mortar
    • Difficulty: Average


  • Cam's Rebuttal is the easiest way to achieve the first objective: with sufficient Blessed Hammer casts, it becomes easy.
  • 15 seconds timer starts and ends on cast, not upon landing.
  • Falling Sword can (and should) be used to bypass the Mortar area and get into its minimum range, where they pose no danger. Alternatively, Steed Charge can carry the Crusader close to a Protector of the Light before they even cast Mortars.
  • The Star of Azkaranth does not help against Mortar: it does mitigate damage, but the character will still count as being hit.
  • The real issue is Elites spawning in couples: that makes avoiding Mortars difficult, but one can always try again until they do not spawn together even once.
  • Unlike some other Set Dungeons, this one is much easier with maximum damage and cooldown reduction.

Thorns of the Invoker[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Thorns of the Invoker (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)


  • The first objective is, in fact, naturally completing itself over the course of dungeon, but it's better to avoid killing Impalers too quickly until it is complete.
  • The amount of enemies in the dungeon is quite small, so to complete the first objective, one needs to take at least one hit from nearly every Impaler they find.
  • The decent gear will make Impalers kill themselves in 1-2 hits on the Crusader without them even noticing, and in 1 hit if they are within 15 yards of the Crusader.
  • Maximizing Block chance and equipping Justice Lantern serves well to help survive the storm of spears.
  • Depending on gear, there are two strategies on how to deal with a Champion of Thorns.
    • One way is to maximize damage, Steed Charge into close combat to them, turn on Consecration and Iron Skin and kill them in literally one hit before the latter expires.
    • Another is to turn those on when the Elite is about to die, if damage is low.
  • A potential problem with Elites dying too quickly may be due to automatic Bombardment from Belt of the Trove; if that happens, unequipping it will help.
  • Intended skill runes for Iron Skin and Consecration are Reflective Skin and Bed of Nails respectively, which make the Crusader one-shot enemies while both are active.
  • Akarat's Awakening is helpful to keep the cooldowns as low as possible.
  • Consecration and Iron Skin are both Defensive class skills, which means Elective Mode is mandatory.

Demon Hunter[]

Embodiment of the Marauder[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Embodiment of the Marauder (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Kill 140 enemies with 3 Sentries active.
    • Difficulty: No-Brainer
  • Objective 2: Do not allow any enemies into melee range.
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • The first objective requires 3+ Sentries to be active at the moment an enemy dies.
  • It is very easy to maintain a minimum of three, especially with Custom Engineering and/or Bombardier's Rucksack. Custom Engineering is more important, as it also doubles the duration.
  • Simply casting Sentries by cooldown (which the Demon Hunter has to do anyway) is enough to keep them up and running all the time.
  • The second objective is very efficiently negated by Companions, who block the narrow passages and prevent most foes from coming close to the Demon Hunter. For even easier accomplishment, The Cloak of the Garwulf can be used.
  • Multishot or Cluster Arrow work best to kill the foes before they come close enough.
  • Main problem with the second objective are Rockworms, as they can unburrow and instantly fail the second objective. They cannot be skipped, but as they leave a window before bursting, simply moving away will help.
  • Since Rockworms spawn at fixed locations, it's easy to learn their spots after a few runs.
  • Ideally, the Demon Hunter has to be moving all the time to give Rockworms no chance on catching them from below.
  • With decent gear, Malevolent Marauders will die long before they can use their affixes.
  • Due to map size, Vault is a must-have.

Natalya's Vengeance[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Natalya's Vengeance (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Maintain a constant Rain of Vengeance for 90 seconds in a row.
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Objective 2: Do not exhaust Hatred.
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • The permanent Rain does not have to hit anything; it's enough to make sure the casts happen before the previous Rains expire.
  • Due to the way skills and set work, high attack speed and cooldown reduction are advised.
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac may help if one struggles to maintain low cooldown of Rain of Vengeance.
  • Dark Cloud skill rune works well due to its duration (+2 seconds compared to other runes), but is not mandatory.
  • Skills (active and passive) that help recover Hatred are useful, but simply not dropping Hatred to zero is enough.
  • Crashing Rain boosts damage greatly.
  • If Strafe is used (most likely), the Drifting Shadow rune or K'mar Tenclip will be mandatory.
  • Other movement boosting skills will help kill all enemies on time, as the map is large enough to pose the challenge, unlike the objectives.

The Shadow's Mantle[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - The Shadow's Mantle (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Chain bonus damage Impale hits on 20 consecutive enemies (5 times)
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Slow 45 different enemies with Shadow Power
    • Difficulty: Average


  • The buff will display the amount of chain Impale hits to keep the track.
  • The counter only adds chain hits if the Demon Hunter hits a different enemy not yet hit by that Impale streak (even not in a row!).
  • Impaling an enemy that was already hit with Impale 75000% bonus will not break the streak, but will not add to the counter either.
  • The counter does reset if Impale misses and hits no enemies.
  • Maximizing damage is recommended so that each Impale one-shots lesser enemies.
  • Only the hits with 75000% damage count towards the chain streak.
  • Using any skills other than Impale does not break the chain streak, even if they hit an enemy. However, one needs to avoid killing enemies before they are Impaled.
  • Due to the number of foes in the dungeon, the Demon Hunter cannot miss the Impale, kill foes prematurely or otherwise break the chain more than a few times.
  • Hatred generators can be used to recover resources, but must be cast in an empty air, so that it does not hit anything (to prevent accidental non-Impale kills).
  • Vault and Vengeance are recommended to complete the dungeon faster once the objectives are completed.
  • Using Vengeance from the start is ill advised, as it tends to kill foes with side weapons before the Impale knife hits its target.
  • Enemies do not have to be slowed at once; just activating the Shadow Power several times to affect a total of 45 different enemies is enough.
  • Due to the number of enemies present, effectively 1/3 of them must be slowed at least once.
  • Convention of Elements can be used to boost damage; this will allow guaranteed 1-hit Impale kills if needed.

Unhallowed Essence[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Unhallowed Essence (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Hit 20 enemies with a single Multishot (6 times)
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Never drop below 50% of maximum Discipline.
    • Difficulty: Average (Normal), Easy (Cheat)


  • Multishot just needs to hit foes 20 at once, not kill them.
  • To ensure damage boost, Yang's Recurve and Dead Man's Legacy are beneficial.
  • Spiders in the dungeon often spawn in hordes. However, approaching them in melee to hit more at once is advised for the first objective, putting Demon Hunter in danger.
  • While the requirement to hit 20 enemies with one Multishot is not as hard as it sounds (due to sheer numbers of foes), kiting them for better targeting can eat a chunk of time limit.
  • Illusions cast by Unhallowed Champions do count towards the number of enemies hit by Multishot.
  • The second objective is trivial in that it requires the Discipline to never drop to zero, which is impossible to do accidentally. However, it also prevents spamming Discipline spenders.
  • Danetta's Hatred allows spamming Vault to keep mobility without expending any Discipline, if player really cannot hold themselves back from casting Vault at inappropriate time.
  • The real complication in the dungeon is not missing any Spiderlings, who tend to hide and run.


Inna's Mantra[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Inna's Mantra (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Unleash Mystic Allies when there are at least 10 enemies within 10 yards of the Monk (5 times)
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Do not get Frozen
    • Difficulty: Average (Normal), No-Brainer (Cheat)


  • Avoid taking the Enduring Ally skill rune, as it will increase the cooldown of Mystic Ally to 50 seconds.
  • Scarabs are the easiest way to score the 10 enemies nearby; one may just dash into their midst before Allies grab their attention, and activate the Mystic Ally skill.
  • Cyclone Strike, preferably Implosion, is highly recommended to pull foes towards the Monk.
  • Too high damage can make Allies kill enemies too quickly, so mobility build is advised. Even Emeralds in weapons may be replaced with Diamonds to maximize damage against Elites and minimize damage against normal enemies.
  • The map is very edgy and with lots of narrow passages, so Dashing Strike is mandatory.
  • For the second objectives, taking Cold damage from crystals created by Innas Guardians will not count.
  • Ice Climbers can be equipped to completely negate being Frozen; however, it is usually not necessary, plus Boots slot is usually taken by either Inna's Sandals or The Crudest Boots.
  • Talisman of Aranoch will not save player from being Frozen, but will shield them from crystal damage.
  • Lefebvre's Soliloquy can be used to boost damage after completing the first objective; alternatively, partially completed Raiment of a Thousand Storms + Shenlong's Spirit will provide one-shot kills for most foes. However, in most cases, this will be an overkill that will only make the first objective harder.

Monkey King's Garb[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Monkey King’s Garb (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)-0

  • Objective 1: Maintain Sweeping Wind for the duration of the dungeon
    • Difficulty: Insane (Normal), Easy (Cheat)
  • Objective 2: Using Decoys, hit 20 different enemies in 6 seconds (5 times)
    • Difficulty: Hard (Normal), Average (Cheat)


  • For the first objective, Kyoshiro's Soul will make it trivial: one only needs to equip it, and the skill effectively becomes self-sustaining. Note that it is still possible to drop it with the belt: namely, by spending the entire duration near enemies without hitting anything with close combat attacks.
  • Without the belt, it is still possible to keep the Sweeping Wind active, but quite hard when no enemies are around; the Monk will need to run very quickly to constantly deal melee hits to enemies.
  • Sweeping Wind must be initiated within 15 seconds after entering the dungeon and not ever dropped afterwards.
  • The second objective requires player to catch more than 20 different foes in one or more blasts formed by the 4-piece set bonus in 6 seconds. This can be achieved by finding dense enough crowds and quickly moving into their midst.
  • Multiple enemies can be hit by a single decoy. Due to the decoys' internal cooldown, one will have to hit at least 2-3 enemies with each decoy (assuming one decoy is spawned per second).
  • Epiphany, Way of the Falling Star, Fleet Footed are all very helpful, if not mandatory, for the second objective.
  • Adding all skills that empower movement speed, such as Zephyr and Annihilation, will make objective easier.
  • Cyclone Strike can help group foes for faster tagging.
  • Krelm's Buff Belt can be used; to guarantee that it always has effect, one can use a high-rank Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard.
  • Stacking cooldown reduction and adding In-Geom helps Dashing Strike to be cast often.

Raiment of a Thousand Storms[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Raiment of a Thousand Storms (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Do not get hit by a single Succubus projectile.
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Reach the Golden chest at the end of the dungeon in under 2 minutes
    • Difficulty: Hard (Normal), Average (Cheat)


  • The first objective is fairly easily accomplished by using Dashing Strike: even if the Monk dashes right through the missile, they will be unharmed. However, encountering multiple Succubi may be problematic.
  • Dodge chance can nullify projectile hits, giving a chance to not fail the objective even if hit. Agility and The Guardian's Path are most helpful.
  • Due to the fact Speed Pylons appear in this dungeon, its pattern is drastically different from others.
  • The easiest way to increase speed in this dungeon (and reach the chest) is using the combo of In-Geom and Nemesis Bracers: these will spawn an Elite pack on each Pylon, giving unlimited Dashing Strike upon killing the enemies.
  • Even better, Elite packs spawned by Nemesis Bracers will count towards the completion, reducing the number of initial foes that need to be killed.
  • To reach the chest, it is enough to follow the main tunnel, not taking smaller tunnels at all. Sadly, the chest is empty.

Uliana's Stratagem[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Uliana's Strategem (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Kill 15 different enemies at once with Exploding Palm (4 times)
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • Objective 2: Take no fire damage for the duration of the dungeon
    • Difficulty: Insane (Normal), No-Brainer (Cheat)


  • Cyclone Strike can be used to group monsters together. Effectively a total of 15 monster must be within 10 yards of each other.
  • The monsters must be killed with one cast, so if explosion kills a foe and detonates another Exploding Palm, foes killed by that blast will still count. Gungdo Gear is useful here.
  • The Fist of Az'Turrasq effectively allows wiping out unlimited amount of lesser foes with one cast, if those are close enough.
  • Shocking Grasp rune is easiest to apply, combined with a Primary skill that hits multiple foes (Crippling Wave is ideal).
  • Once all foes are affected, detonating any one of them with Seven-Sided Strike will kill the entire group.
  • Sheet DPS has to be lowered, otherwise grouping foes and applying Bleed from Exploding Palm will be difficult, as they will die too quickly.
  • Fire damage includes all sources, monsters and traps, that is, fire grates. Traps are safest to pass with Dashing Strike.
  • Blazing Skeletons and Inferno Zombies deal Fire damage on each melee hit.
  • Champions of Strategems can use their Fire Breath unexpectedly.
  • Avoiding them all is insanely difficult, but with The Star of Azkaranth, this damage is ignored, and objective never fails.


Bones of Rathma[]


Diablo 3 Necromancer Bones of Rathma Set Dungeon How to Master Guide Live Patch 2.6

  • Objective 1: Accumulate a total of 500 seconds of cooldown reduction on Army of the Dead
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Raise 100 Revived
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • Command Skeletons is mandatory for this dungeon, in addition to Revive.
  • Tasker and Theo work very well to assist with first objective.
  • Devouring Aura is most useful to give extra Essence, and therefore nearly infinite Skeletal Mage casts.
  • Requiem Cereplate is optional, but helps with generating Essence too.
  • First objective requires a total of 500 seconds reduction regardless of how it was obtained. Cooldown reduction stat will simply add the reduced time to the counter every time the Army of the Dead is cast.
  • First objective only gains extra seconds even when the skill is on cooldown, so it is required to cast it (even in thin air) at every opportunity.
  • In-Geom works well too here.
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac works, but worse than one might think, as it only adds 1 second for each cast of Skeleton Mage or Command.
  • Jesseth Arms set is a good way to provide controllable bursts of damage, while at the same time, keeping the ability to minimize damage if needed (by simply not resummoning Mages and not activating Command). It also saves Essence, as one is not required to cast Command every time the Skeletons change target.
  • For the second objective, one is required to raise 100 Revived, not cast the spell 100 times.
  • As usual, Blood Rush serves well to keep up with the time limit.

Grace of Inarius[]


Diablo 3 Necromancer Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon How to Master Guide Live Patch 2.6

  • Objective 1: Rip bones from 100 enemies with Bone Armor
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Objective 2: Kill 200 enemies that are afflicted by a Bone Armor tornado
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • Both objectives are, in fact, related to natural playstyle of the Meleemancer.
  • To achieve both objectives, the Necromancer will simply have to cast Bone Armor on every occasion and approach enemies at every chance.
  • Death Nova works well, as it will kill enemies within Bone Armor tornado instantly.
  • To maximize damage, Reilena's Shadowhook works well, alternatively, Nayr's Black Death with 3 or more Poison skills can be taken.
  • Using Scythe of the Cycle is more complex, but can be considered if none of the above are available.
  • A hefty portion of cooldown reduction is helpful to keep Bone Armor always ready. In critical cases, consider Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac.
  • In-Geom works well too here.
  • Wisdom of Kalan will minimize chances of dying, if survivability somehow proves an issue.
  • The only enemy attack to be wary of is the Night Howlers' Knockback, as it will temporarily push the Necromancer out of melee range.
  • It's also best to avoid using minions, as they can distract foes and stop them from coming into melee range.
  • As usual, Blood Rush serves well to keep up with the time limit.

Pestilence Master's Shroud[]


Diablo 3 Necromancer Pestilence Master's Shroud Set Dungeon How to Master Guide Live Patch 2.6

  • Objective 1: Hit 150 enemies with Empowered Bone Spears
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Objective 2: Do not take 400,000 or more unsaved damage
    • Difficulty: Average (Normal), Easy (Cheat)


  • Command Golem is very useful for this dungeon, as it both provides protection (distracts enemies) and generates useful corpses, especially at the start of the dungeon.
  • For even easier corpse access, one may take Moribund Gauntlets, which will generate a corpse at the Golem's location every second.
  • Devouring Aura is most useful to give passive damage and Essence, and therefore nearly infinite Macabre Knowledge charges.
  • Requiem Cereplate is optional, but helps with generating Essence too.
  • If Essence is not a problem, Maltorius' Petrified Spike is a great way to ensure Bone Spear one-shots anything it hits.
  • Teeth is the best rune option for Bone Spear, as it allows hitting a wider area and therefore more enemies per cast.
  • A total of 150 different enemies must be hit and/or killed by Bone Spear, which is nearly half of foes in the dungeon.
  • Land of the Dead can be taken to be turned on once the first objective is done; coupled with Devouring Aura, it will eliminate all foes in range for the duration.
  • The second objective, damage taken by minions, including Golem, does not count. However, damage inflicted by Blood skills does, so they must be avoided.
  • To control enemies easily, Bone Prison may help.
  • The most likely cause of failure are the Necrotic Vectors, specifically their Poison Enchanted affix. It is easy to avoid with Golem, but in case of any trouble, Mara's Kaleidoscope will help.
  • In-Geom and Reilena's Shadowhook are optional additions, which make killing foes even easier if required.
  • As usual, Blood Rush serves well to keep up with the time limit.

Trag'Oul's Avatar[]


Diablo 3 Necromancer Trag Oul's Avatar Set Dungeon How to Master Guide Live Patch 2.6

  • Objective 1: Spend 1,000% of your Life on abilities
    • Difficulty: No-Brainer
  • Objective 2: Heal 1,000% of your Life with abilities
    • Difficulty: Easy (Normal), No-Brainer (Cheat)


  • All Blood skills and objectives measure the Life costs and Life regenerated in percentage of normal (not augmented) maximum Life.
  • As of patch 2.6.1, the 6-piece bonus no longer doubles Life costs. However, due to healing being doubled, earning Life is much faster than it would seem.
  • The best spender for Life is Blood Nova: spammable 10% per cast. Only 100 casts are required to achieve the first objective.
  • The best Life recovery tool is Siphon Blood with Drain Life rune. If Essence is a concern, Purity of Essence works well too.
  • Siphon Blood can be made much more effective with Funerary Pick, which effectively triples the healing effect.
  • Devouring Aura is most useful to give a steady supply of Essence, and therefore nearly infinite Blood Nova casts.
  • Requiem Cereplate is optional, but helps with generating Essence too.
  • Reilena's Shadowhook can be taken to kill most enemies in just one cast of Blood Nova.
  • Remember that Blood Nova can be cast in thin air if needed.
  • Note that healing must actually be going to Life pool or augment maximum Life; at full Life and maximum augmentation, it will not go towards the second objective.
  • Avoid effects that negate or reduce Life costs, as it will slow down objective progress.
  • Iron Rose requires some care if taken, as its free Blood Novas will not count towards the objective, but will kill foes quickly.
  • As usual, Blood Rush is mandatory to keep up with the time limit.

Witch Doctor[]

Helltooth Harness[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Helltooth Harness (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Kill 20 enemies with a single Wall of Death (4 times)
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Take no Poison damage for the duration of the dungeon
    • Difficulty: Average (Normal), No-Brainer (Cheat)


  • The goal is to make 20 enemies die while affected by one cast of Wall of Death.
  • Ring of Poison, Surrounded by Death and Fire Wall runes are best in dealing area damage.
  • Dropping more than one Wall of Death will not help. Only one must be cast at a time to count all affected enemies as being killed by it.
  • Kiting Accursed in clusters is the easiest way to group them.
  • Enemies dying from damage over time applied by Wall of Death also count, even if they die from it after the Wall itself expires.
  • Jeram's Bracers are recommended, but avoid casting Wall of Death more than one time.
  • Poison damage includes all sources, most commonly, Accursed corpses. Dangerous areas are safest to pass with Spirit Walk.
  • Helltooth Provocatuers' Poison Enchanted can fail the dungeon as well.
  • Avoiding them all is difficult, but with Mara's Kaleidoscope, this damage is ignored, and objective never fails.

Raiment of the Jade Harvester[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Jade Harvester (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Harvest 15 enemies simultaneously (10 times)
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Kill 100 enemies that are afflicted by both Locust Swarm and Haunt
    • Difficulty: Average (Normal), Easy (Cheat)


  • For the first objective, one will need to group up hordes of Corpse Worms. Due to short range of Soul Harvest, they need to be clustered quite densely.
  • The enemies only need to be affected by Soul Harvest, having any damage over time on them is not required.
  • Once harvested, these enemies will not count towards the objective again until 15 different enemies are harvested. However, once different enemies are harvested, those previously harvested can be harvested again.
  • The easiest way to score the first objective, therefore, is to alternate between two groups of 15+ Worms, Harvesting them without any damage over time effects.
  • The second objective is fulfilled naturally as one finishes enemies off; just make sure Creeping Death is equipped.
  • A single cast of Locust Swarm per group (especially with Pestilence rune and/or Vile Hive) and spamming Haunt (with Resentful Spirits and/or Haunting Girdle) will effectively complete the second objective with little effort.
  • Reducing total damage done may be required to prevent enemies from dying too quickly (before they can be afflicted by both spells).
  • For mobility, Spirit Walk, Grave Injustice and any possible cooldown reductions will be required.
  • Deceivers will not use their invisibility in this dungeon.

Spirit of Arachyr[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Spirit of Arachyr (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)-1

  • Objective 1: Lick 30 different enemies with a Toad of Hugeness
    • Difficulty: No-Brainer
  • Objective 2: Kill every Elite (5) while it is webbed by a Spider Queen and being bitten by Piranhas at the same time
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • The first objective simply requires the player to cast Hex as often as possible; it is very hard to fail this objective, unless the spell is not cast at all.
  • The second objective is easiest to accomplish by casting Piranhas before any other attack on a Servant of Arachyr, then directing Spider Queen at them with Corpse Spiders.
  • The objective requires the Elite to die while being bitten by Piranhas, that is, their damage debuff, not necessarily the actual pool.
  • With Creeping Death, it will be impossible to miss the Piranhas debuff, and all one needs to do it constantly hit the Elite with Corpse Spiders until it dies.
  • To avoid nearly all damage, one can equip / Cube both Mara's Kaleidoscope and Xephirian Amulet.
  • Cooldown reduction helps greatly: Grave Injustice, Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac etc., to spam Hex and Spirit Walk nearly permanently.
  • One Mana spender skill is needed (of those augmented by the set), preferably Firebats, to finish foes faster.

Zunimassa's Haunt[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Zunimassa's Haunt (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Grip 150 different enemies in the primary zone of Grasp of the Dead
    • Difficulty: Hard (Normal), Easy (Cheat)
  • Objective 2: Do not allow any enemies into melee range
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • Due to the number of foes in the dungeon, the first objective essentially requires nearly every enemy to be caught into Grasp of the Dead at least once.
  • Capturing the same enemy again will not count.
  • In order to efficiently perform this task, and not wait for the cooldown to roll back after every enemy pack, one will need Wilken's Reach, which (combined with Unbreakable Grasp skill rune) allows spamming Grasp of the Dead without limits. Alternatively, with any other rune, a Mana regeneration skill will be required.
  • Without the said Mojo, in theory, it is possible to use the Desperate Grasp skill rune, but is considerably harder, and will most certainly restrict time limit.
  • Pets of all types will effectively keep enemies out of melee range of the Witch Doctor; one just needs to be careful not to run ahead of them in battle.
  • Using all skills that can summon Pets is advised: Sycophants / Belt of Transcendence, The Gidbinn, Gargantuan, Zombie Dogs and Fetish Army.


Delsere's Magnum Opus[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Delsere's Magnum Opus (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Affect 20 different enemies simultaneously with Slow Time (4 times)
    • Difficulty: Hard (Normal), Easy (Cheat)
  • Objective 2: Reflect 200 projectiles with Wave of Force (Impactful Wave)
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • The easiest way to fulfill the first objective is to pull enemies together with Energy Twister combined with Ranslor's Folly.
  • The objective is not clear in what exactly it requires to do: 20 enemies must be caught in a single Slow Time sphere when it is cast.
  • Pulling enemies together must be done precisely before the cast of Slow Time, or Energy Twister will kill them nearly instantly.
  • One can affect the same enemies multiple times with different Slow Times, and they all will count towards the objective on every cast.
  • Ideally, one should seek a large horde to perform 4 casts. If the horde is large enough, even Energy Twister may not be required.
  • Wicked Wind skill rune is the best choice for Energy Twister due to predictability.
  • Wave of Force skill rune, Impactful Wave, is mandatory: it is the only rune that can reflect missiles.
  • The second objective is relatively easy due to Sand Wasps releasing 4-5 per shot. Amassing them within a Slow Time sphere allows reflecting dozens with each cast of Wave of Force.
  • Teleport with Aether Walker is mandatory due to the size of the map and huge number of foes.
  • To finish off foes, The Twisted Sword is necessary, otherwise DPS will not be enough to efficiently kill enemies on time.

Firebird's Finery[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Firebird's Finery (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Kill and/or Ignite (3000% per second) 20 enemies within 3 seconds (6 times)
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Objective 2: Hit 50 different enemies with the Meteor that revives the Wizard
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • The first objective requires 20 foes to be either killed by Fire damage or ignited with 3000% damage per second burn (from the set's first bonus) regardless of whether or not they die while ignited.
  • Due to the 6-piece set bonus, which augments damage for each burning foe, all ignited or burning foes will likely instantly die the moment they reach full burning potency.
  • The easiest way is to ignite/kill 20+ foes simultaneously is to due the Disintegrate area damage runes: Chaos Nexus, Entropy or Convergence (the last one requires very precise aiming to affect all foes in a group).
  • As such, the Wizard fares better with the first objective the more damage they have.
  • The second objective is much easier. All one needs to do is lose all Life for the set's first bonus to trigger and make sure foes are within Molten Impact Meteor blast radius. They don't need to die from the impact; simply hitting them is enough.
  • The 50 foes do not need to be hit at once; it's possible to hit them in several "deaths".
  • It is best to stand amidst a large horde of foes to do it. Black Hole can be used to pull foes towards the Wizard before the "death" (however, Blazar rune might kill them prematurely, so caution is advised).
  • Due to time limit, it's advised to complete the second objective in one or two goes, which is possible, but slightly harder.
  • Too high Life also hurts, as the enemies might die before they damage the Wizard critically.
  • Unstable Anomaly, if equipped, will proc after the Firebird Meteor effect, so it will not ruin enemy stacking.
  • Talisman of Aranoch is optional; it will make a Guardian of Finery unlikely to kill the Wizard.
  • Teleport with Aether Walker is advised, as the map is quite large. It stacks well with the set's own cooldown reduction.

Tal Rasha's Elements[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Tal Rasha's Elements (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Kill 90 enemies while Tal Rasha 6-piece bonus has 4 stacks
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Objective 2: Do not get bitten by a Rockworm, both normal and underground attacks
    • Difficulty: Average


  • Because of the number of foes, nearly half of all enemies must be killed with 4 stacks active.
  • A total of four active skills with different damage types is required, otherwise the Wizard will not be able to reach 4 stacks.
  • Semi-passive damage skills, such as Storm Armor, will not grant stacks, only the actual casts that inflict any damage will.
  • It may be hard to actually reach 4 stacks, as it requires quickly casting all 4 spells, each hitting an enemy.
  • Since only two attacks are required to keep the 4 stacks up, as long as these two skills are quickly alternated, it is much easier to preserve 4 stacks than to gain them.
  • The second objective is failed by both being bitten from underground, and by normal melee attacks.
  • The Rockworms do count towards the completion, and are therefore annoying to find. Fortunately, they spawn at fixed spots.
  • There is a total of 10 Rockworms.
  • Main difficulty with them is noticing them as they start unburrowing, which can be problematic due to special effects.
  • It may be a good idea to Teleport across the room with a worm to lure them out.
  • Kormac is good at aggroing worms too.
  • Worm location is also shown on the map.
  • High mobility is advised; Teleport is mandatory, preferably with Calamity skill rune (to also deal Arcane damage) and Aether Walker.
  • Nilfur's Boast is advised to maximize damage, making Meteors kill most enemies in one hit.

Vyr's Amazing Arcana[]


Diablo 3 Set Dungeon - Vyr's Amazing Arcana (Mastery How To Patch 2.4)

  • Objective 1: Reach 100 stacks whilst in Archon form (3 times)
    • Difficulty: Hard (Normal), Easy (Cheat)
  • Objective 2: Kill 300 enemies while in Archon form
    • Difficulty: Easy


  • Chantodo's Resolve set is mandatory, being the major damage dealer.
  • The first objective requires at least 100 stacks by the moment Archon expires. This includes stacks from skills and kills.
  • The easiest way to achieve it is to use the Fazula's Improbable Chain, which basically cuts the requirement in half (and makes obtaining the other half much easier).
  • The Swami is also highly recommended, to make fighting out of the Archon form easier.
  • Stat-wise, high Cooldown reduction and Attack Speed are recommended above everything else.
  • Due to the number of enemies, nearly half of them must be killed in Archon form, but with the set, it comes naturally.
  • It is not required to amass full 20 stacks of Chantodo's Wave of Destruction: any number will do, reaching Archon form again as soon as possible is in priority.
  • Teleport with Aether Walker speeds up movement greatly.
  • To easily reduce the cooldown of Archon, a combo of Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Arcane Torrent and Hergbrash's Binding is advised (or any other skill with low Arcane Power cost).