"Baal! The gates of Sescheron have stood for eons beyond remembrance and you shall not breach them now! Remove your foul demons from our lands! We stand on the side of Light. You shall not be allowed to reach Mount Arreat and that which you seek will not be yours!"

A Barbarian messenger to Baal(src)

The gates of Sescheron

Sescheron was the capital of the Barbarians, prior to its fall to the Army of Destruction.


"Ahhh, Sescheron, the once grand capital of the whole of your civilization. Every stone exudes memories of its violent fall."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

Sescheron was an extraordinarily large city;[1] a living symbol of united Barbarian tribes. Its gates guarded the lone path to the Worldstone, and the Children of Bul-Kathos were tasked with defending them. It was believed that the city would never fall, and the people of the Northern Steppes would always stand vigilant.[2]


The Day All Hope Was LostEdit

"Well, it seems your terms...are not acceptable."

Baal, just prior to the beginning of the siege.(src)

By the time of the city's fall, the Barbarians had guarded Sescheron for countless generations. In its last days, it was ruled by Chief Elder Kanai.[2]

In 1265, Sescheron was besieged by the Prime Evil Baal and his Army of Destruction during their assault on Mount Arreat. Baal was greeted by a lone emissary who demanded that Baal and his forces withdraw, and that the Worldstone would never be his.[3] Infuriated, Baal summoned demonic forces to tear the emissary apart,[2] before letting loose his forces upon the city. Baal had drawn first blood, but in what would be called "the day all hope was lost," far more blood would be spilt.

Ruins of Sescheron3

The gates of Sescheron, breached

Chief Elder Kanai and his people stood their ground against the impossible flood of Baal’s army with every fiber of their being.[2] However, the defenses were overcome and the city was sacked[4] over the course of a single day.[1] Baal's forces subsequently marched on Harrogath,[4] leaving Sescheron in ruins,[1] along with the hopeless madness of a failed people, and the cold, empty shadows of a once mighty civilization.[2]

The Ruins of SescheronEdit

"The wind blows frozen wisps off snowdrifts, where they’re caught in the decorated grooves of a cold, iron bridge leading to the broken gates of Sescheron. Where once the sights and sounds of a bustling city could be found, now there are only the distant howls of madmen, glimpses of hungry beasts prowling in shadows, and air thick with the palpable weight of shattered hope. Behold, the Ruins of Sescheron."

Ruins of Sescheron2

The ruins of Sescheron

Now, twenty years after its fall, Sescheron lies empty,[5] standing in a frozen wasteland.[6] Monsters have come up from the forests and down from the mountains to infest its ruins.[5] Months after the defeat of Malthael, the ruins were explored by the Nephalem and the spirit of Zoltun Kulle, as they sought to recover a Barbarian artifact.[7]

The city ruins are now a dangerous place, infested to the core with khazra, lost demons and all kinds of beasts. However, they all pale in comparison with the Unclean, survivors of the Siege driven mad by Worldstone's destruction. Now a tribe of vicious cannibals, they are the only inhabitants of the ruined city. Other Barbarians spent years trying to rid the Ruins of Sescheron of both vermin and flesh-eaters, but with little to no success.[8].


The Ruins of Sescheron are available in the Adventure Mode of Diablo III as of patch 2.3.0. Specifically in Act III, near the Arreat Crater.[1]

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