Seram was a small town in the eastern lands of Sanctuary, not far from the major city of Kehjan. It was inhabited by Ascenians, and situated in a highland region also occupied by Partha.[1]


Seram was only a small village, with no more than two-hundred inhabitants at most. There were only five buildings of any importance in Seram: the Boar's Head tavern/inn, the meeting house, the trading station, the village guard quarters and the smithy. All shared the same general design as the other structures of Seram, making it hard - if not impossible - to tell one building from another from a distance.

The buildings consisted of frames of several layers of stone and clay, plated with wooden planks. The roofs were pointed and thatched, and each side of the buildings had three sharply arched windows. This style was typical for the Kehjan area.

As Seram was mostly a trading village, the trading station was by far the busiest area of the village. Here the locals brought in their goods to trade for other necessities or to sell to passing tradesmen. Trade caravans sometimes passed through Seram on their journey from Kehjan to the sea.

Shortly after Lylia awoke the dormant powers of Uldyssian, the farmer was confronted by emissaries, of the Cathedral of Light. In a fit of rage Uldyssian supposedly accidentally conjured a magical storm that killed many of Seram's inhabitants and destroyed many buildings. It was later revealed the storm had in fact been summoned by Lylia.[2]

After the conclusion of the original Sin War, all humans had their memories wiped. The survivors of Seram attributed the deaths of their friends and family to plague.[3]

Known InhabitantsEdit


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