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Cost: 50 Mana (-4 per Spell Level)

A lidless, fogged eye arises, releasing Firebolts at all enemies within range.

Damage Type: Fire
Other Stats: Summon; Unattackable

Sentinel (misspelled Sentinal in earliest versions) was a spell in demo version of Diablo I. In the released game, it was cut and replaced with Guardian.

General Information[]

Much like Guardian, Sentinel used to summon an eyeball that hovered beside the character, traveling with them. At any foes within certain range, it would shoot Firebolts at no Mana cost, attacking all enemies close enough at once.

It lagged behind the character a bit, and could be led into a room, then left inside with the monsters if one hurried out and shut the door. Monsters did not attack the Sentinel, as it was untargetable.

The spell was still operational in Beta, and all the related files are still present in the Retail version, but the format of the graphic files wasn't converted from *.cel to *.cl2.

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