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Senahde, Caster of the Deep, is a Unique Abyssal Caller that appears only in Adventure Mode. She can be found in two different places: the Tidal Cave Level 1 beneath the Greyhollow Island in Act V of Diablo III, or the corresponding portion of the Upper Realm of Cursed Fate in Act IV.

She spawns for an unmarked event if player touches her two idols that may randomly appear in the cave.

In combat, she has Thunderstorm, Plagued and Electrified affixes, and attacks with a horde of Abyssal Protectors.


Killing Senahde may be assigned as an Act IV bounty. Unlike most other "kill bounties", there is no secondary objective to kill an additional quantity of enemies in the zone:

  • Destroy the Idols to summon Senahde
  • Kill Senahde