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The Seekers of the Light is an ancient order of warrior-women that serve the Light.


Searching for the Light, the Seekers always fought on the side of justice, swearing to end evil once and for all. Their purpose is to find darkness and destroy it, and once this was been done, they shared their tales to all that would listen. The woman warriors attracted many followers, and many was the father that wept as his daughter went to become a Seeker, for he knew that he would most likely never see her again.


A Seeker of the light

Years of intense training make the Seekers exceptional at swordplay, as they are capable of wielding two weapons at a time. Yet unlike others, they prefer a balance of all skills, rather than concentrating on simply one trait, allowing them to conjure powerful magics as well. With the knowledge of the ages stored in their minds from hearing the endless tales of other Seekers, young bards learn to immediately identify any item that they find, no matter how obscure or foreign.[1]


Seekers of the Light once were common enough in Khanduras, but as the times changed, signs of this ancient organization have long since faded. Their legacy remains as many innkeepers remember the days that a Seeker entertained in the common room. Posing as common female bards, they would regale over countless adventures of the most daring kind, of great battles between darkness and light, and of magic, mystery, and intrigue. But one always knew that the bard was no ordinary bard when one saw the muscles toned from years of training, and the weathered hands from countless swordfights.

The Seekers fell into decline due to the madness of King Leoric. When he launched an unprovoked assault against Westmarch, many Seekers departed with the Royal Army of Khanduras. Those that remained continued to travel the lands, telling tales and serving the Light. They came to Tristram hoping to rid the world of evil once and for all.[1]


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