Second Quinquennial Sword, previously known as Rancor is a Normal sword in Diablo III, one of the five Quinblades. It was added in patch 2.4.1.

It is intended to be used for Transmogrification, and drops from Josh Mosquiera in Development Hell.

As it is a Normal item, it can be traded among players once acquired.

Stats[edit | edit source]

X1 sword norm unique 021.png

Second Quinquennial Sword

  • 4.2 Damage Per Second
2-4 Damage
1.40 Attacks per Second

The Quinblades are the only surviving weapons forged by master swordsmith Morad Peerse, each a unique expression of his craft. Fashioned during Peerse's Late Period, the curved, fanglike Rancor represents its maker’s growing disenchantment with his work and with life in general. Though its craftsmanship is beyond dispute, the blade itself is infused with its maker's vitriol and desire to inflict harm on others.

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