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"Priests of Rathma favor the use of unerring scythes. Their scythes are used not to hew crops, but to collect the life force of their foes, and to slice open corpses, powering some of their most horrifying spells. Whether they wield massive curved blades at the end of long poles, or curled, light blades more appropriate for finely harvesting organs, necromancers are deadly with any scythe."

Game Guide(src)

"Single-handed scythes are ideal for hooking enemies’ weapons or extremities. Their suitability for close-range bloodletting also makes them effective at workaday necromantic preparations."

Game Guide(src)

Scythes are a special type of one-handed weapons in Diablo III, only usable by Necromancers.

They may roll increased maximum Essence as secondary affixes. Scythes have very fast attack speed of 1.30, same as axes.

Scythes can be transmogrified into swords, axes and maces freely. Necromancers can also do the other way around.

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