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A Scroll of Town Portal is a magical consumable item which was first introduced in the original Diablo.


The Scroll of Town Portal contains a magical spell that allows its user(s) to summon up a portal for direct passage to the Acts' towns (in Diablo II) or to the town of Tristram (in Diablo I). Basically, it casts the Diablo I Spell, Town Portal.

These scrolls were not introduced as a special item in Diablo I. They were one of many scrolls of different spells that could be generated.

If the player right-clicked on them to use it. A town portal is created near the player character. The scroll is consumed in the process.

Seeing their use, and due to the revamping of the skills system, the scroll of town portal and the Scroll of Identify were carried over to Diablo II. Their functions were still the same as previously.

Up to 20 Scrolls of Town Portal can be stored in a Tome of Town Portal.

All portals created from a scroll are for one-time use only. The same function is seen in portal shrines which summon a town portal which one can use an infinite amount of times.

In Diablo Immortal, the player is given a Scroll of Town Portal in the prologue. Unlike the previous games, it is reusable. The Scroll of Town Portal is used to prematurely exit a dungeon, or to return to Westmarch from anywhere in the world map.

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Using a Scroll of Town Portal

In Diablo III, after completing A Shattered Crown quest, the player(s) gained the ability to use a town portal at any time. This is defaulted to the (T) key and without a scroll as well.


The Scroll of Town Portal is one of the most important items in the first two games. It is imperative that the player(s) keeps/keep at least one scroll in their inventory at all times. It is one of the few items which the player(s) finds/find very early in the game, though remains useful throughout the whole game.


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  • Scrolls of Town Portal are items not really used in Diablo lore, at least in the scope of tie-in fiction. Aaron Williams, after being told that he couldn't use them in the Sword of Justice comic series, joked that if they did exist, half the stories of Diablo would be akin to Star Trek in regards to its transporter use.[1]