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"My journey to Pandemonium has allowed me to see a new world — one that is almost too fantastic for mortal eyes. The ancient battlefields stretch before me, a desolate space that is occupied by small, scouring beasts. They search the lands endlessly, thriving off the magic that lingers from battles long past."

Scouring Chargers in combat

Scouring Chargers can be found in the Battlefields of Eternity. They are Ancient Beast-type enemies, and replace common Scavengers in Act V.


Scouring charger


Scouring Chargers are fast, but fragile enemies, often encountered in large groups. At many occasions, players will uncover their crystal nests, which spawn additional Chargers if destroyed. As their name implies, Chargers have a special ability to rush forward, hitting enemy with the thorns on their carapace at high speed for extra damage.

Scouring lobber

A Scouring Lobber

Scouring Lobbers are a variant of Scouring Chargers. They may not charge, but instead shoot thorns from their backs like Quill Fiends.

At many occasions, both types will appear from underground or climb up the cliffs, ambushing the player. Sometimes a falling rock will cause them to fly from the ground, definitely not in a manner the Scouring Beasts enjoy.



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Pandemonium Leaper Concept

Pandemonium Leaper concept art

Originally, these creatures were only known as "Pandemonium Leapers" appearing in concept art for Reaper of Souls.[1]


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