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"The untamed lands of Scosglen are as verdant as they are deadly. Those who get lost in the woods seldom return, their screams muted by spine-chilling howls. The druids who dwell here will do anything to protect their way of life, including risking the loss of their humanity to unleash the beast within."

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Scosglen is a geographic area in Sanctuary's northeast.



Scosglen on the world map

Home to the Druids, Scosglen is located in northeastern Estuar. It borders the Dry Steppes to the south and the Frozen Sea in the northwest. Rugged and beautiful,[1]

The wilds of Scosglen are dangerous,[2] and are no place for the timid[3] or the weak.[2] The land is an untamed verdant wilderness,[4] covered by emerald forests[5] infested by Werewolves. Those who get lost in the woods seldom return, their screams muted by spine-chilling howls.[6] The forests are constantly covered by rain and gloomy fog, and the people of Scosglen are in a constant battle against the encroaching wilderness.[1] Scosglen has a cold climate.[7]

The dwellings of Scosglen consist of ancient stone towers called Druid Colleges, scattered throughout the land. While this form of civilization might seem crude to some, the Druids do not value urban centers in the same way as the Kehjistani.[4] On the coast, the state of affairs is more desperate. In a futile attempt to withstand the harsh elements, Scosglen's coastal structures are comprised of whatever materials the locals can lay their hands on and are in various forms of disrepair. Stone walls, salvaged wood, and thatch for the roofs. A place of consolation for the brave fishermen that trawl the treacherous Frozen Sea. An exception is dwellings found atop the coast's hilltops, which have deep rooted foundations.[7]


D4 Region - Scosglen


There is evidence that the Ancients made their way into Scosglen in antiquity, riding upon powerful steeds.[8]

In Scosglen's distant past, a Mystic set up their own 'kingdom' in the marshes of Scosglen. The Mystic was more elusive than spirits, and they repelled all those who wandered too near their quagmire kingdom.[9] The kingdom apparently fell, and the souls of those slain within its borders were its only heirs.[10]

The Druids entered Scosglen at around the same time Bul-Kathos united the Barbarian tribes of the Northern Steppes. Vasily gathered together a small group consisting of the tribes' greatest warrior-poets and shamans and retreated into the forests surrounding the area known as Scosglen. There, he and his people created the first of the Druid Colleges, forging a new way of life for themselves. They created a new culture and language, cutting themselves off from their Barbarian cousins and their ways, vowing not to return to the Northern Steppes until the time of the Uileloscadh Mór.[11] With the coming of the conflict, Scosglen became a battleground between the Druids and the minions of Baal.[12]


The ruins of Scosglen

By the Great Enmity, the entirety of Scosglen's coastline had been overrun by the Drowned, and the inland areas fared little better.[13] The beaches were bleak and littered with seaweed, kelp and rotting carcasses.[7] Inland, khazra rampaged across Scosglen, slaughtering farmers mere feet from the walls of their towns.[1]

After Lilith's defeat, Zir ordered the Blood Seekers and their vampire forces to conquer Scosglen.[14]


Scosglen is of the five major regions to be explored in Diablo IV,[6] and is the second zone in the game.[15]

The zone includes Scosglen's coastline and hinterland. As the player transitions toward the shores from inland, the coastal biome is first evidenced by the longer, more directional grasses that react to the driving offshore winds.[7]

Known Locations[]




The wilds of Scosglen




This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.

The coast of Scosglen

  • Scosglen is based on Scotland.[16]
    • The Highland Grasp and Lowland Greeves in Diablo IV may indicate that Scosglen has "highland" and "lowland" areas. If so, this is arguably reflective of the same areas in Scotland.
  • The environment design for Scosglen took inspiration from highlands and moors.[7]


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