Scosglen is a geographic area in Sanctuary's northeast.


Home to the Druids, Scosglen is located in the northeastern part of Sanctuary. It borders the empire of Kehjistan to the south and the Frozen Sea in the northwest. It is an untamed verdant wilderness,[1] covered by emerald forests.[2] The dwellings of Scosglen consist of ancient stone towers called druid colleges, scattered throughout the land. While this form of civilization might seem crude to some, the Druids do not value urban centers in the same way as the Kehjistani.[1]

History Edit

The Druids entered Scosglen at around the same time Bul-Kathos united the Barbarian tribes of the Northern Steppes. Vasily gathered together a small group consisting of the tribes' greatest warrior-poets and shamans and retreated into the forests surrounding the area known as Scosglen. There he and his people created the first of the Druid Colleges, forging a new way of life for themselves. They created a new culture and language, cutting themselves off from their Barbarian cousins and their ways, vowing not to return to the Northern Steppes until the time of the Uileloscadh Mór.[3] With the coming of the conflict, Scosglen became a battleground between the Druids and the minions of Baal.[4]


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