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For items with a similar names, see Schaefer's Hammer.

Schaefer's Hammer is a unique Legendary Mallet.

Its bonuses to damage, Attack Rating, life, and Lightning Resist may seem fairly arbitrary on one weapon, but Schaefer's Hammer is still effective in battle. Its added Lightning damage, high attack rating, and its chance of casting Static Field makes it a powerful weapon.



Schaefer's Hammer
Legendary Mallet

One-Hand Damage: (100-114) To (124-338)
Required Level: 79
Required Strength: 189
Mace Class – Slow Attack Speed
+100-130% Enhanced Damage
+ (2 Per Character Level) 2-198 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
Adds 50-200 Lightning Damage
+50% Damage to Undead
20% Chance To Cast Level 10 Static Field On Striking
20% Increased Attack Speed
+ (8 Per Character Level) 8-792 To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level)
Lightning Resist +75%
+50 To Life
+1 To Light Radius


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