These large scarabs are perhaps one of the most dangerous creatures found in the deserts of Aranoch. Besides being able to traverse the ground very quickly, it emits sparks of Lightning similar to the skill Charged Bolt when struck. Adventurers without any lightning resistance should think twice before attacking Scarab Demons. These mutated creatures also possess a Jab attack, quickly piercing through most types of armor. In addition, they recover their health at an alarming rate, often two times or more than normal monsters.

Variants of Scarab Demons are Dung Soldiers, Death Beetles, Scarabs, Steel Scarabs, and Bone Scarabs.

Dung Soldiers, Scarabs, Steel Scarabs, and Bone Scarabs have a chance to deal Lightning damage while Death Beetles have a chance to deal Lightning and Poison damage. Note that, though they are named "Scarab Demons", they are classified as Animals, so bringing items with stats against Demons will have no effect.

A Super unique Scarab Demon is Beetleburst.

All types of Scarab Demons are immune to Lightning in Hell difficulty. Large packs of Scarabs can be deadly when the player has little or no Lightning Resistance. They are known to be real killers at the beginning of Act II on Normal difficulty for this very reason.


A vastly mutated beetle from the region, only Hell could produce something so vile. Scarab Demons are large, mobile insects that rapidly pursue and surround their enemies. When struck, these demons unleash a deadly spread of electrical energy that proves fatal to many attackers. It is perilous to fight these monstrosities without ranged weapons or a suitable resistance to lightning.

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