The Scabbard of Talic the Defender is one of the lore books needed for the achievement A Quick Study in Act I of Diablo III. It is a quest reward given by Vendel the Armorsmith for the event The Scavenged Scabbard.

The quest giver, Vendel the Armorsmith, is random spawn found at the beginning of the zone Watch Tower Level 2. Watch Tower itself, is a random spawn. Prior to patch 1.05, it could be found on the Western edge of the Northern Highlands. After patch 1.05, it is now found in the Southern Highlands.

It reads as follows:

Journal EntryEdit

"This scabbard is a rare treasure. Its inscription reads, "Talic the Defender," in archaic lettering. He was one of the ancients who guarded Mount Arreat until the shattering of the Worldstone, a true warrior who gave his life to spare the world from the dark fate it has fallen to now."

Vendel the Armorsmith


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The scabbard from this quest is the Scabbard of Talic the Defender, one of the Ancients whom you defeat in the fifth quest of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

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