5 Saxtris c
Saxtris is a Rift Guardian, a greatly empowered Copperfang Lurker. He can only be encountered as a random boss in a Nephalem Rift.

In combat, he may not turn invisible, but gains increased damage, as well as following abilities:

  • Swarms: every 10-20 seconds, summons 10-15 Swarms which pursue the heroes.
  • Groping Eels: every 10-20 seconds, summons 10-15 Electric Eels which attack players in vicinity, but do not pursue them.

Both summonings occur more often the more Life Saxtris loses.

Having a Countess Julia's Cameo amulet may be helpful in this fight. To avoid being heavily outnumbered and in a middle of many Twisters, players should constantly kite Saxtris to new locations.

Large amount of Area Damage and Life per Kill are advised when dealing with this boss.

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