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"The sasquatch were once men, changed by the evil of the island into the monstrous beasts they are now. Or, wait... did I change them to save them from the evil? Or to combat the evil for me? Hm."

The Sasquatch (named Silverback in game) is a variant of Yeti encountered only in the Greyhollow Island zone of Adventure Mode in Act V.



Visually, Sasquatches are much more human-like than other Yeti variants, with distinct tuskless face and some exposed skin.

Unlike Yetis, Sasquatches can, when they come close enough to their prey, begin a 3-6 seconds rampage, beating the ground in front of them mercilessly, inflicting heavy Physical damage to anything foolish enough to stand in front of them. However, while channeling this attack, they cannot move or even turn around, being vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Their alternate attack is shattering the ground, causing a long (over 60 yards) fissure that pierces in a straight line, inflicting Physical damage and knock-up. For a very brief time after it is cast, the fissure will be impassable.

Like Bone Breakers, Sasquatches may hurl their foes, knocking them up in the air, then landing the enemy behind them (usually into a horde of allies).




Sasquatch model render (BlizzCon)

Sasquatch was designed to be a more fantastical enemy than some of the other island's other fauna.[1]

Lore and graphics for Sasquatch were ready by patch 2.3, yet were postponed to release with 2.4.


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