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"Beware, my friend. Sankekur may be the most powerful mortal in the world. He controls thousands of fanatical worshippers and embodies the Lord of Hatred, himself. His death will be no easy task."

Sankekur was a Zakarum Que-Hegan, who served as Mephisto's host.



Sankekur, possessed by the Lord of Hatred

Early Life[]

Sankekur was originally a Zakarum priest.[1]

The Prime Evils[]

After the death of Que-Hegan Khalim, Sankekur was chosen as his successor as head of the now corrupted Zakarum faith. He was soon after chosen to be Mephisto's host within Sanctuary, with Mephisto's soulstone being punctured into Sankekur's hand.[1] At some point during his reign, Sankekur also fell under the will of Mephisto.[2] When Baal and Diablo arrived in Travincal, they freed Mephisto from his soulstone. The Lord of Hatred quickly took possession of Sankekur completely, the body of the Zakarum Priest twisting and distorting to mirror Mephisto's form. However, Mephisto was defeated by a group of heroes, and Sankekur was slain as a result.[3]

Sankekur's corruption, and that of the Zakarum faith as a whole, later became public knowledge. It was a revelation that nearly destroyed the organization. Sankekur was succeeded by Que-Hegan Dirae, and the faith took steps to mend its reputation.[2]

Sankekurs Tapestry in Diablo IV

Tapestry depicting Sankekur under the possession of Mephisto.

The Black Tomb[]

The corpse of the former Que-Hegan seeped corruption, as Mephisto's demonic influence still leaked evil even after his defeated. To ensure the contagion of Mephisto's hatred wouldn't spred over the land, Carthas, a Zakarum Paladin Marshal who was part of the group of heroes who defeated the Prime Evils, took Sankekur's body back to Hawezar. The Paladin and his Order sealed inside the body inside a chamber built at the depths of the Ruins of Rakhat Keep, a former Zakarum temple. The resting place of Sankekur's body became known as "The Black Tomb".


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  • Sankekur is far less 'visible' in Diablo II: Resurrected, where in the associated cinematic, Mephisto is far more demonic in appearance, with little of Sankekur's form to be seen.
  • Tapestry depicting Sankekur being possessed by Mephisto can be seen at the Ruins of Rakhat Keep in Diablo IV.