"I would rather not discuss the Sand Wasp. These overgrown insects wouldn't be notable whatsoever if not for their exceptionally poisonous stings...which, alas, killed my young apprentice. I thought he would be more careful when I sent him to retrieve a sample from the hive, but...his parents did not understand my perspective."
Abd al-Hazir

Desert Wasp

Desert Wasp Concept Artwork

The Sand Wasp is a type of monster revealed appearing in Diablo III.


Sand wasp

The Sand Wasps are Beasts, found in Act II of Diablo III. Possessing a relatively powerful projectile attack and very fast movement, they usually appear in groups, but lack high health or defensive stats. The primary attack is shooting smaller wasps from the abdomen at the player.

They bear resemblance to the Flayer and Mosquito Demon enemies from Diablo II.


  • Fire Spawns - the adult Sand Wasp fires multiple (often three or four) mini-wasps at the player's location. These individual wasps hit for average amount of Poison damage, and getting hit by multiple missiles in a row could prove disastrous. Spawns are not homing, and have limited range (thank Anu for that).
  • Poison - melee attacks of the Sand Wasp are poisoned, ticking for damage over time.

Tips and Additional InformationEdit

Sand Wasps are deadly because of their numbers and their missile attack. The smaller wasps have a deadly poison, and four or more direct hits from them is normally a certain death for a glass cannon character. However, the small wasps move slowly in a straight line, and do not 'lock onto' targets, so they can be easily avoided. One way to avoid the small wasps involves walking in circles, as the spawns 'detonate' a few seconds after 'launch'.

Players should be careful if they are surrounded by several Sand Wasps, as it is easy to underestimate them due to their slow, linear movement. Dodging shots from multiple Sand Wasps can prove frustrating, as the Wasps create a 'bullet hell' effect. Also note that Wasps move around quickly, often attacking from unexpected angles. Melee and slow missile attacks are ineffective against them, but area of effect attacks or instant hits (like Electrocute) can be very deadly. Also note that Wasps cannot fire their Spawns in succession at point blank range (but will try to move away from the player if given a chance).

The best way to deal with the Sand Wasp is to quickly close the distance and eliminate the source of the missiles (for melee heroes) or kite them and attack with instant or independent ranged attacks (e.g. the Lightning Hydra).



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Sand Wasps were originally labeled "Desert Wasps" in concept art.

In the early versions, Wasps were ones of the most dangerous monsters in the game, because in desert their missiles were barely visible. The coloring of the small wasps was changed later, to be at least recognizeable on time.

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