These vile warriors have been twisted by magic. Because of their four hands, they are able to attack with four weapons at once. They have the ability to do fire or cold (depending on the sub-species) damage by using a skill similar to Enchant. They are often found in the Palace levels of Lut Gholein and the abandoned cities lying in Aranoch's deserts.

Sand Raiders come in four variants:

A super unique Sand Raider is Fire Eye.

Background[edit | edit source]

Legends speak of a race of brutal warriors who, through a pact forged with unseen powers, once ruled the wastes of Aranoch. Their bodies were misshapen so that they could wield the weaponry of four men and their spirits were imbued with elemental energies that they could unleash against their foes. Holding no mercy in their blackened hearts, they swept across the dunes as a plague of locusts. Only the power of the Vizjerei sent them back from whence they came, but those spells are now weakening...

Sand Raider
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