These creatures are the offspring of the Sand Maggot. A group of Sand Maggot Young will eventually spawn from each egg that the Sand Maggot lays. Because they are not fully mature yet, they do not pose as a very large threat. However, they are extremely dangerous in large groups. Numerous Sand Maggot Young can spawn very quickly from Sand Maggot Eggs and swarm any potential "meal" they see. It is best to destroy the eggs before they hatch. They are mostly found in the deserts of Aranoch, especially in the Maggot Lair, but they can even be found in the recesses of Hell.

Sand Maggot Young variants include Rock Worm Young, Devourer Young, Giant Lamprey Young, and Blood Maggot Young. Sand Maggot Young do not grow into mature Sand Maggots in the game.

All types of Sand Maggot Young are immune to Poison in both Nightmare and Hell difficulty.

Sand Maggot Young
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