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For the level 60 set item, see Sage's Journey.

Sage's Journey is a crafted item set in Diablo III.

This set was designed by an ancient sage known as Imris.

This set requires a character level of 70, crafted by the Blacksmith at Rank 12 (prior to patch 2.6.6, the Sage's Journey plan was required to learn how to forge this set).

Prior to Patch 2.0.6, each piece also required one Mystical Source.

The level 60 equivalent of this set is the Sage's Plight.


The set consists of four pieces, three of which are required to complete it.

Set Bonus:

The latter property, while completely useless in combat, can be used to quickly farm this reagent, especially if the player needs lots of it for the Kanai's Cube transmutations. This means that if any Death's Breaths drop, an extra one (to a total of 2, 4, 6 or 8 per pack) will drop for each as well. If no Death's Breaths drop from a pack, the set bonus will not trigger.

The last set bonus works even if equipped on Followers.

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