Saffron Wrap is a Legendary belt in Diablo III. It requires character level 6 to drop.

Before patch 2.4.3, it was the only belt to roll the reduced resource costs. It also offered a guaranteed reduction of crowd control effects on a character, which normally does not roll on a belt.

As of 2.4.3, it gained a unique affix instead. On each cast of Overpower, for each enemy it hits, damage of the next Overpower cast grows (to a maximum of 20 foes at once). This bonus last indefinitely until cast or death. On the next cast, the bonus is consumed, increasing Overpower damage, and the new number of enemies hit grants a new bonus.

Stats (Level 6)Edit

Saffron Wrap

Saffron Wrap
Legendary Belt

  • 108-127 Armor


Bound according to the precepts of Anrach.

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