Sabre Cats wield whips and shields as well as potion grenades and javelins. They are able to travel distances very quickly and are quick to attack anyone who is deemed an enemy. They are very deadly in larger numbers and can cause considerable damage. They are one of the most common enemies found in Act II of Diablo II.

Sabre Cats have three other variants: Huntress, Night Tiger, and Hell Cat.

Super Unique: Bloodwitch the Wild (Huntress)

Night Tigers have a chance to deal Cold damage and Hell Cats have a change to deal Fire Damage in Nightmare and Hell difficulties.

Though they run fast, their armor is weak, allowing players to kill them quickly.


Sabre Cats are a race of bipedal, intelligent beings with many feline features. These cat-beings were once found only in the jungle environments of Kehjistan, trading freely with the cities there. Although always considered somewhat aloof and untrustworthy, the Sabre Cats had never before behaved in a threatening manner toward human society. But now, marauding bands of these Cats roam the deserts of Aranoch. Many blame the disappearance of whole caravans upon them.

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