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Ruined Fane
Act Act III
Quests None
Levels 1
Monsters Serpent Magus,
Bone Scarab,
Blood Diver,
Flesh Archer
Adjacent Zones Kurast Causeway
Area Level Normal 24
Area Level Nightmare 54
Area Level Hell 85
Waypoint No

The Ruined Fane is one of two dungeons on the Kurast Causeway (the other being the Disused Reliquary). It can be found towards the southeast under a rectangular roof held by pillars, by clicking the altar there. This will reveal the stairs that lead down to the dungeon itself. According to the quest log, this is one of six temples in which Lam Esen's Tome (item) can be found - however, in reality the tome is always found within the Ruined Temple.

On Hell, the Ruined Fane is one of the area level 85 zones, and as such, the enemies there has a chance of dropping better items - however it is a very small dungeon, and not very popular for Magic Finding for this reason.

Another risk for players are possible gatherings of monsters near the area's entrance, especially if there are Viper Magi or Bone Scarabs present.