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For the magic prefix, see Ruby (magic prefix).

Rubies are red gems, a subtype of socketable items. Like other gems, they come in varying quality levels and grant bonuses to specific stats. Rubies were introduced in Diablo II along with the other gems, and appear in every subsequent game.

Diablo II[]

Like other Diablo II gems, Ruby bonuses are related to their color, red, which signifies the Elemental power of Fire, as well as health and life. In Weapons and Shields a Ruby adds bonuses related to Fire, and in helms and body armor it increases Life. Crafted Items can be made with Rubies, and Blood Items have bonuses centered on increasing the wearer's life and recovering life.

Weapons: Adds Fire Damage
Shields: Adds Resistance to Fire
Helms and Body Armor: Adds to Maximum Life

Gem Level Weapons Shield Helms/Body Armor
Chipped Ruby
1 3-4 Fire Damage 12% Resist Fire +10 to Life
Flawed Ruby
5 5-8 Fire Damage 16% Resist Fire +17 to Life
12 8-12 Fire Damage 22% Resist Fire +24 to Life
Flawless Ruby
15 10-16 Fire Damage 28% Resist Fire +31 to Life
Perfect Ruby
18 15-20 Fire Damage 40% Resist Fire +38 to Life

Diablo III[]

Rubies are one of the five standard gem types in Diablo III. In this game they exchange roles with Amethysts from Diablo II, granting Strength and direct attack power, while the other gem handles Life bonuses.

Gem Helm Weapon Other
Regular Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 10% +9 Damage +10 Strength
Flawless Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 15% +15 Damage +20 Strength
Square Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 20% +30 Damage +30 Strength
Flawless Square
Flawless Square Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 25% +60 Damage +40 Strength
Star Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 31% +130 Damage +58 Strength
Marquise Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 33% +160 Damage +62 Strength
Imperial Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 35% +190 Damage +100 Strength
Flawless Imperial
Flawless Imperial Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 37% +220 Damage +160 Strength
Royal Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 39% +250 Damage +220 Strength
Flawless Royal
Flawless Royal Ruby
Increases Bonus Experience by 41% +270 Damage +280 Strength


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Patch 1.0.7 added Marquise gems of all types. To make Marquise Rubies balanced compared to other types, it also changed the calculation of its bonus damage effect to be more straightforward and intuitive than it had been previously, and increased the bonus for all quality tiers to compensate for this change. The old calculation was related to a long-standing bug with "black weapons" where percent damage bonuses were not applied to non-Physical damage; the updated Rubies applied the same to all weapons regardless of added Elemental Damage type.[1]

Prior to Patch 2.3.0, gems in Diablo III had nineteen tiers. The patch condensed the fourteen tiers below Marquise quality down to five for easier crafting. Graphics for each tier remained the same except that the Perfect Square graphic replaced the one for Flawless Squares (*). Below are those tiers as they existed before the patch, with the removed tiers italicized:

Diablo Immortal[]

Ruby is one of the Normal Gems in Diablo Immortal and increases Life.


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  • The name "Ruby" is derived from the Greek word for "blood:" i.e. "Rubinus." Its etymology as a "blood stone" is reflected in game, in which the Ruby is associated with an increase to life.
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